Here Goose down featherbeds make for a perfect night’s sleep
Goose Down Featherbeds – Plumeria Bay

Fall asleep in sheer comfort on goose down featherbeds

Getting a good night’s sleep is effortless when you experience the indulgent comfort only found from goose down featherbeds. Rest your body after a busy day on featherbeds made from your choice of feather and goose down fill.

  • Available in your choice of 3 different feather and goose down fill blends, featherbeds are made from high quality fills.... read more

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Goose down featherbeds are stuffed with only the best feathers, not those that are broken or crushed. Since these featherbeds are filled with intact feathers, your rest will not be disturbed from occasional pokes caused by sharp quills.

  • Fabrics used for goose down featherbeds are made from specialized German downproof twill that is strong and durable. Since these featherbeds are sturdy, you can enjoy years of leak-free comfort. The envy of many competitor brands, these featherbeds are filled with up to 25% or more weight making them extremely comfortable.

  • Goose down featherbeds come in a number of sizes including Twin, Full, Queen and King sizes. Select from 10/90, 20/80 and 50/50 White Goose Down and White Goose Feather blends. There are also featherbed protectors available in all sizes.

  • Welcome a good night’s sleep on goose down featherbeds made from the finest quality of White Goose Down and White Goose Feather blends. Rest on featherbeds designed with your comfort in mind.

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