Clear bra straps make many fashions easier

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Clear bra straps won't show under sheer or lacy sweaters and blouses
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Replacing regular bra straps with clear ones can make a big difference

Ladies, we've all been there.  You select the perfect sweater or blouse.  It matches your skirt or looks great with those new jeans.  You have the right jewelry, shoes and purse.  And then you put it on. 

And when you look in the mirror, all you can see are your bra straps showing from beneath the lacy or silky material.  Even if you matched your bra to the color of the garment or choose a "nude" toned bra, they show.  And then the outfit looks all wrong.  But did you ever consider clear bra straps?

Choosing a clear strap instead of one that matches your bra color means the straps become virtually invisible, even under lacy or lightweight fabrics. 

Where to buy clear bra straps

Only a few years ago, clear bra straps were as hard to find as a bra that's actually comfortable (but that's another article!)  Now there are a number of Internet sites that carry clear straps to use on existing bras, as well as bras that come with clear straps already attached. Some stores even offer two sets of straps -- one that matches the bra, and a second clear set. 

Adding clear straps to an existing bra

If your bra has removable straps, replacing the original ones with clear bra straps is as easy as slipping one set off and the other set on.  Most bra straps have the same size and style of strap attachments, so they are easily interchangeable. 

If your favorite bra does not have removable straps, it's still possible to replace the original straps with clear ones.  Simply snip off the old straps, leaving about 1/2" of strap front and back.  Use this piece to create a small loop, similar to the ones on bras with replaceable straps, then slide the new straps in place.

Another method is to snip off the existing straps all the way up to the bra itself, and then stitch the new clear ones in place.  I don't recommend this method, however, because some clear straps do not do well in the washer and you may need to remove them before laundering.

The do's and don't's of bra straps

Now that you have clear straps, where can you use them?  Here are the do's:

  • Do wear clear bra straps under sheer or lacy tops
  • Do make sure the straps fit well to avoid slipping (they are slipperier than regular straps!)
  • Do remove your straps, if possible, before laundering your bra.  The straps may not do well in the wash, and it's better to be safe than sorry.

And here are the don't's:

  • Don't wear a clear strap with a halter top, skimpy tank top or strapless dress.  A bra strap is still a bra strap and shouldn't be paraded around for all to see.
  • Don't wear it too tight.  Clear bra straps can dig in, creating an unattractive dip in your shoulder skin.  And that will be visible through your sheer or lacy top.

Alternatives to clear straps

If you need the support of a bra strap, but your dress or shirt won't cover the straps, consider a decorative bra strap.  These come in a variety of rhinestone and decorative designs that make it clear that it's a fashion accessory and not just a strap sticking out. 

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