How to choose a woman's jewelry gift

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Here's how to choose a woman's jewelry gift she will love

With an endless variety of styles, stones and metals available, most women would probably agree that picking out accessories for themselves is difficult. No wonder finding the perfect piece for a mother, sister, daughter or wife is so challenging. Contrary to what you suspect, it’s not impossible.

It’s easy to lose sight of the specific woman you’re buying for. The first trick for how to choose a woman’s jewelry gift is use what you know - you’re not shopping blind. Everything about her, from her favorite season and interests, to her hair color, skin tone and wardrobe reveals clues about her taste.

Use what you know

A list of her personal likes and physical traits will act as a handy filter. Since there are so many types of fine jewelry for women, narrowing the field makes it easier to find pieces that will compliment her appearance and speak to her personality. Dust off your detective cap and get ready to pick out a piece she'll adore.

The easiest place to start is with her physical appearance. Women tend to gravitate to the hues and materials that look best with their natural coloring. Take a close look at the veins on her wrist to determine if she has a cool or warm skin tone. Bluish veins with rosy skin indicate cool while greenish veins with golden or yellow skin indicate warm. Most people have a combination of the two, so you’re looking for the most dominant tone.

Cool skin tones: In the metal department, platinum, white gold and silver will make her look luminous. The same goes for stones like pearls, diamonds, sapphires, rubies and garnets. 

Warm skin ones: Copper, brass and yellow gold are few popular metals that’ll make her look glowingly healthy. Stones to consider include gold-colored pearls and earthy yellow, orange, brown, turquoise and green stones.

Matching to hair and eye color

Where cool and warm skin tones are often masked by tans, makeup and other factors, eye and hair color point to more specific accent stones.

Brunette: Autumn’s deep rubies and smoky quartz will highlight warm hues in her hair while blue gem stones like sapphire and topaz bring out her eyes.

Blonde: Oranges, blues and greens are a perfect contrast to light hair. Blonde is versatile though, so any stone you choose will look fabulous.

Red: Fiery red heads look great in both colors that blend and stones with high contrast. If her tastes lean conservative, purple, pink and bold reds are more subtle. For a daring gal, emerald, yellow and quartz are impossible to miss against pale skin.

Black: The bolder the better or accessories vanish in the shadows of dark locks. Garnets, amethyst, iolite and white topaz are striking choices.

Other factors

The secret to how to choose a woman’s jewelry gift is in the thought you put into it. On the practical side, consider where she usually wears jewelry. Some women only wear it for formal occasions while others prefer casual, understated pieces they can wear each day. Avoid redundancy by making note of what she already has and choose pieces she can work with. 

A meaningful jewelry gift will touch her heart. When in doubt, a necklace, earrings or ring featuring her birthstone makes it more personal. Why not let the occasion you’re buying the present for inspire your selection? A graduation gift featuring school colors, engraving inside an engagement ring or a pendant with a stone for every year of marriage are subtle symbols she’ll hold dear.

With the exception of earrings, sizing can be particularly confusing. In general, most necklaces and bracelets will fit the average-sized woman. Necklace chains that are 16” to 18” will fall just below her collarbone while 20” chains are a better choice if she likes her necklaces to hang low. Note that it’s not the end of the world if it doesn’t fit – a jeweler can modify the size.

Learning how to choose a woman’s jewelry gift isn’t easy and everyone knows that. She’ll appreciate the time and effort you put into finding a beautiful treasure.

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