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Cozy slippers are your best friend
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How to warm up feet wherever you go with accessories, slippers and boots

Cold feet affects many people year-round, especially women. The condition is uncomfortable, makes you irritable and sends shivers up the rest of your body. No one wants to spend every day and night in wool socks and blankets. The good news is you donít have to.

How to warm up feet once and for all? Unfortunately, thereís no magic switch to make chronic chills vanish forever, but there are multiple things you can do to improve circulation and eliminate many of the causes.

Heated Socks

Donít allow your feet to keep you from enjoying the outdoors when itís cold. Heated Socks were invented for people just like you. All you need to do is insert a battery in a small pouch and heat will literally ďradiateĒ around your feet. Sounds like a dream come true!

Get Moving

Improving circulation does wonders for cold hands and feet. Exercise is an effective way to get the blood flowing. Start by standing up and rising to your tip toes, and then lower yourself. Repeat this a few times every few hours whether youíre at home or work.

Cayenne Pepper Rub

This sounds strange, but it works. Long before hikers and other outdoor people could buy the high tech boots designed to keep the feet toasty and dry, they used cayenne pepper to do the job. 

WARNING: Only do this if you donít have any cuts or scratches anywhere below the ankle. Pepper will sting if rub over abrasions.

On clean feet, massage a small amount of cayenne pepper on the bottoms of your feet in small circles, then the sides, top and toes. Wash your hands afterward because if the pepper gets in your eyes or mouth it will burn.

Apply without touching the pepper by sprinkling it in the bottom of your socks where your feet touch. When it comes time to wash them, turn the socks inside out. To deactivate the pepper, simply wash your feet in ice cold water and rub them with lotion.

In extremely low temperatures, this chili powder rub provides instant relief. In fact, the main ingredient in some over the counter pain relievers exists naturally in cayenne pepper.

Hot Bath

Not that you need an excuse to soak in a relaxing bath, but this is a sure fire way to soothe your whole body. This may be the easiest answer to how to warm up feet. According to an article in Real Simple magazine, water is a heat conductor thatís 25 times quicker than air.

While it may be tempting to blast the hot water, the drastic change in temperature can actually feel more like a burn then relief. Start with temperate water and increase the heat once your feet are ready.

Wool Blend Socks

Socks made from a wool blend offer you warmth and comfort minus the itching that pure wool causes. Try socks that are designed for mountaineering, hiking and outdoor as they running provide cushioning, comfort and wick sweat.

Drink Water

The more water you drink, the better your circulation. Staying hydrated boosts blood flow throughout your body, particularly fingers and toes. In a cold room, drink hot herbal tea to stay heated.

Avoid Smoky Places

Even if you don't smoke, the nicotine from second hand smoke still constricts your blood vessels. This slows, and can even stop blood flow to your extremities.

Cozy Slippers

A pair of cozy slippers protects the sensitive bottoms of your feet from cold floor tiles and hard wood. Look for memory foam insoles for maximum comfort, and microfleece lining to ensure toasty toes all winter.

Causes of Cold Feet

Worry less about how to warm up feet. Instead, direct your focus to the potential causes. While some are unavoidable, many of the conditions that lead to cold feet are fixable.

  • An article in the Daily Mail states that women are 9 times more likely than men to have naturally colder feet. The reason is that womenís skin is much thinner. We can't do much about this, but it's interesting to know. 
  • Another potential cause is iron deficiency, which also leads to anemia. Consult your doctor about this possibility. Iron supplements may provide a temporary fix, but adjusting your diet to include iron-rich foods is much healthier. The Daily Mail piece suggests eating more pumpkin seeds, watermelon and nuts. 
  • Emotional instability caused by heightened stress takes a major toll on the body since the bodyís hormones are linked to the circulatory system. Daily meditation and yoga will help more than your feet. 
  • Poor sleeping habits are an express pass to the cold feet zone. Sleep more to improve your immune system AND circulation to your lower extremities.  

If all else fails, ask your partner to rub them with a demure, but firm nudge.


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