Nickel free chain jewelry is an allergic's answer

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The comfort afforded by nickel free jewelry is one that cannot be measured in terms of earthly riches.
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Nickel free styles enable chain jewelry wearers to skip the itch

There’s nothing like the lustrous look of wonderful jewelry, whether worn around the neck, on the ring finger or on the soft, delicate lobes of the ears. Men and women who consider themselves mostly undressed until the jewelry is added know the importance of some well placed pieces of bling.

Nevertheless, allergic reactions such as redness, itchiness and swelling may take a painful toll on jewelry lovers with sensitive skin. Usually, the reactions are responses that follow an exposure to a compound that does not agree with the body’s chemistry.

Folks whose hands blister after washing dishes may be allergic to harsh detergents. The blame when it comes to reactions from jewelry, however, frequently goes to a natural compound—nickel—used as an alloy in jewelry and many other products. These folks will do well wearing only nickel free jewelry and other decorative pieces.

What’s so hot about nickel?

Nickel is hard yet malleable and it takes a high polish. Thousands of products contain nickel. It has its place. But that place is not around the necks of people who need nickel free chain jewelry or other nickel free jewelry items that do not contain the metal.

The segment of society in search of nickel free is growing. Indeed, today people are finding friends with like needs at nickel free home parties and social networks that share info about availability of nickel free chain jewelry, the latest styles in earrings and other lovelies.

How good to know that today there is a multitude of jewelry choices whose composition is nickel free. Nickel free chain jewelry, nickel free charm bracelets and no-nickel earrings are top picks for people with allergies to the metal. And nickel free chain jewelry offers the same luster and silky feel as other more risky choices.

Take a look at nickel

Nickel alloys shine but nickel free chain jewelry is just as beautiful. Nickel is a good conductor of heat and electricity. It has hundreds of uses in manufacturing and industry. Its role in big business is mostly related to the making of stainless steel. Its properties include corrosion resistance and an affinity for use with other metals and plastics.

Nickel is unharmed by salt water, most acids and many chemical solvents. It is not fully understood why some people have adverse reactions to nickel alloys—or peanuts or shellfish or telemarketers. But now that such a wide selection of nickel free chain jewelry, stud earrings and hoop styles is available—along with a myriad of other jewelry items—the matter largely has lost its import.

Is nickel free chain jewelry all that?

Indeed, some of the most beautiful nickel free chain jewelry styles sport twinkling gemstones. Nickel free pins and necklaces fairly glow with beauty and depth. Nickel free hoop earrings are popular for the purity of the metal ensures no red ear lobes or itchy redness at the site where the post or the clip touches the ear. One can even obtain stunning charm earrings with interchangeable charms and brilliant borders of crystals and genuine Austrian Swarovski crystals.

Nickel is all around us

The world is full of nickel. Luckily, skin reactions are rare when the product is not of a personal nature whose proximity to the skin is a close one. Bathroom fixtures, kitchen cabinets and furniture handles often are plated with nickel. One of the biggest and heftiest of American coins—the U.S. nickel—is made from a nickel-copper alloy that is 25 percent nickel and 75 percent copper.

Many people have no problem with allergies to nickel. They have no need for nickel free chain jewelry or nickel free anything. But the option of having the freedom to choose the composition of one’s jewelry is a freedom that offers beauty, style and durability—without the nickel.

Nickel free chain jewelry and earrings and all manner of nickel-less baubles look just as lustrous and rich as the nickel-adulterated variety. Pure is good. So when it comes to taking a chance on allergic reactions, why not opt for nickel free chain jewelry and all the other nickel free bling in the box?

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