Silver charms for charm bracelets

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Italian Charms come in a vast assortment of categories, colors and themes
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Seeking silver charms for charm bracelets? Look no further than Italian Charms

Charm bracelets are a treat for anyone who truly enjoys jewelry.  The earliest charm bracelets date back to the time of Egyptian Pharaohs.  Charm bracelets gained particular popularity at certain periods of history; during the Victorian Era in Europe, at the end of WWII as soldiers returned to the US with small charms and trinkets for their loved ones, during the 1940s and 50s, and finally the 70ís and 80ís.

Throughout history, charms have served, not only as decorative jewelry, but also as amulets, and mementos of events and occasions such as graduations, weddings, travel, the arrival of children, etc.  This is the reason some people refer to charm bracelets as "memory bracelets". 

Today, charm bracelets have seen a major resurgence in popularity with designer charm jewelry such as Pandora bracelets, Juicy Couture charms, and Italian charm bracelets.

Italian charm bracelets are unlike any other kind of charm bracelet. Instead of charms that hang down from a bracelet, Italian charms are small, rectangular, silver charms for charm bracelets, designed as individual links that can be connected together to form a bracelet.

These exquisite, finely crafted Italian Charms come in a wide variety of categories including Roussio Italian Charms and ranging from animal, birthstone, and zodiac themed silver charms for charm bracelets, to holiday, sports, music, landmark and places, national parks, flags, awareness and ribbon, occupations and hobbies, Disney characters, photo charms, heart and locket charms and even life-saving medical alert charms.

When you design a charm bracelet with these Italian silver charms for charm bracelets, the possibilitiesí are endless as to how personal and meaningful the jewelry will be.  Custom charms can also be designed with individualized names or phrases.

The silver charms for charm bracelets offered by the Add A Link of Charm Italian Charm company are particularly eye catching because of their bright colors and amazing detail.  If you have a friend or loved one who enjoys jewelry, be sure to consider the unique assortment of gorgeous Italian charms from Add A Link of Charm.

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