Tote hobo handbag is a stylish carry-all

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brown hobo bag
Leather hobo bags have a fun, casual slough with deep interior pockets for organization.
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Tote hobo handbags are a practical, comfortable carry-all for daily wear

Every season, the tote hobo handbag steals the spotlight in the accessory department. This stylish carry-all comes in a variety of sizes and materials to suit every gal. Whether you’re a polished professional or a relaxed creative, you won’t have a hard time finding a hobo bag that suits your needs and taste.

The design for a tote hobo handbag is derived from a hobo’s bindle, or cloth tied to an end of a stick for holding a hobo’s possessions. Today, the defining characteristics of this bag are its stylish crescent shape and slouchy posture. Most hobo bags are easy to carry with a large, adjustable shoulder strap.

While casual hobo bags look unstructured on the outside, many designs have deep interior and exterior pockets with a zipper, snap or clasp to keep items from falling out or getting stolen. Soft, flexible materials create an ultra flirty ‘take me anywhere’ look, while the details and durability make this a practical choice for everyday use.

Finding a carry-all is not a difficult task. Often, it’s way too easy, as many self-proclaimed purse-aholics will tell you. But the unfortunate truth of many carry-alls is that they look like a sack. Even on the most casual of days, most women would probably rather describe their style as bohemian chic over sloppy. The right tote hobo handbag holds all of your belongings and completes a fresh, contemporary look. 


Variations of Tote Hobo Bags

Sizes –

You can easily find hobo bags that are mini, small, medium, large and oversize. Oversize hobo bags are the most frequently photographed styles, particularly on celebrities. Mini and small hobo bags are best suited for summer wear and petite women, while large and oversize bags go well with bulky winter wear.

Materials –

The list of materials used in tote hobo handbags is only as limited as a designer’s imagination. The most common and durable materials are leather, vinyl, suede, woven mesh and denim.

Styles –

Ladies looking for an office appropriate carry-all usually go for solid, small hobo bags. Look for a ruffled vintage bag or floral prints for a more romantic bohemian look. Details range from rock star studs to girly ribbons and leather ties.

Clothing –

A casual hobo bag can go with any outfit if you wear it with confidence. Linen trousers, denim, skinny pants, fitted cotton tops or knit dresses will work.

No matter what you wear, the majority of the time you’ll want to carry roughly the same number of items including a wallet, phone, keys, compact and notebook. Make sure to choose a size and versatile style that can hold everything you need.

That’s the whole point of a carry-all!

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