What fashions go with gladiator sandals

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woman wearing gladiator sandals
A simple dress gives gladiators the spotlight
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Here's what fashions go with gladiator sandals for trendy and comfortable style

The popularity of gladiator sandals continues to grow and itís easy to see why. These stylish shoes are extremely versatile, comfortable and suitable for both casual and formal occasions. Many designs have flat soles and eye-catching straps that wrap around your foot and leg. Yes, they're an easy shoe to love.

Walking in them is as effortless as any pair of casual sandals. Figuring out what fashions go with gladiator sandals takes a little experimentation. Sometimes what works in your head looks all wrong on the body! But more often than not, youíll see how this design can bring out your edgier side.

From the elaborately beaded to those woven with leather straps, gladiator sandal styles range in style, including retro futuristic, super glam, classic and sexy. As with most shoe styles, certain variations go best with certain body types.

Designs with many straps can make wide feet appear wider and short legs seem shorter, especially when paired with the wrong clothing. Styling makes all the difference! Light, elegant designs that stop at the ankles will give you a lovely, effortless appeal when paired with above-the-knee shorts, skirts and dresses.

In general, women with short or fuller legs look best in the shorter ankle styles in solid colors with minimal embellishments. Slim, short legs are a good fit for simple designs. Women with long legs wear any length well, though if your legs are slender consider a colorful pair with some detailing to add more volume to your silhouette.

Feminine clothing is the best fit because the strappy, sometimes heavy design can look mannish when worn with wide-legged pants and other masculine styles. Here are a few types of chic, classic and casual outfits to pair with your gladiators:

A dress

The main thing to keep in mind what deciding what to wear with gladiator sandals is balance. Shoes shouldnít compete with an outfit for attention and vice versa. An embellished pair with bold colors will look best with a simple, solid dress. Accentuate the print of a dress by choosing shoes in one of the same colors on the print.

The more simple or neutral your dress, the wilder you can get around those legs, including knee-highs and funky mid-calf lengths. Keep accessories to a practical minimum Ė sunglasses during the day, a basic handbag and loose or gently pulled back hair.


Put a sophisticated spin on gladiator sandals by wearing them with a chic pair of pants. Stick with flats or try a pair with wedge heels. Cuff or roll the pants up a touch over the ankle as a subtle nod to the star of your outfit. Dark and metallic solids work well whether youíre sporting a fitted tee shirt or blazer up top.

Strappy summers

Shorts lend a sportier look to ankle length sandals. Try them with denim cut-offs or nice khaki shorts. The more casual the shorts, the better a tailored button down will look.


Flat gladiators with a full circle skirt and simple top are a perfectly cute and casual dinner date outfit. A slim pencil skirt and ankle or mid-calf sandals with a slight heel are super sexy without being over-the-top. The best skirt length depends on your height. Above-the-knee always works well. Longer skirts naturally work well with longer legs or if you wear leg-elongating heels. 

Women who avoid this style often assume itíll make their legs appear shorter, but thatís not necessarily the case. Try on a pair with a strap that runs vertical up the length of the foot and ankle to create a subtle illusion of length.

Trust your instincts on what to wear with gladiator sandals. Odds are high you can pull off wearing these sandals as long as you like the way they look on you.

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