What is the most versatile scarf to wear

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Style this fun, functional scarf any way you like
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Find out what is the most versatile scarf to wear with your cool weather looks

Savvy shoppers know how important it is to find clothing and accessories that can work for warm days or frigid nights, formal or casual occasions. The more use you can get from garments the better and scarves are no exception. In fact, certain types offer countless styling possibilities.

This popular accessory has crossed over from a cold weather must-have to a year-round fashion essential. Inquiring minds want to know: What is the most versatile scarf to wear? The answer depends on a few factors, primarily whether youíll wear it to keep warm outdoors or to dress up your outfits indoors.


The type of fabric a scarf is made of will dictate whether itís well suited for the outdoors or not. Wool will keep you the warmest, but cashmere, cotton, Jersey, Pashmina and acrylic knit ones will get the job done, too. 

Scarves that measure about one foot longer than your height give you plenty of tying options. For example, you can fold them over and pull the ends through a single, simple loop. Twist and pull a different end through each half of the loop for a larger knot thatíll offer more wind protection for your face. 

Long scarves are also handy for wrapping around the neck multiple times, allowing you to adjust the length of the ends and tightness of the wrap for either a cool, casual look or to maximize warmth by layering around the neck.

Chunky knit scarves add texture to your look and coziness to your day. Theyíre an ideal pairing whether youíre wearing a wool, down or leather coat. Throw one over a long sweater on cool fall nights and wear it playing in the snow in winter. If you live in a cold region, lengthy knit or woven scarves look great and keep you warm.


What is the most versatile scarf to wear when you want to elevate an outfit? Infinity scarves are a strong contender. This style is circular rather than long. Theyíre a top choice because you donít have to bother tying them and yet they have a clean, well put together look.

Skinny ones are popular with women who enjoy wearing a light silk or lace accessory. These will turn any number up a notch. Head scarves and bandanas can either be tied around the neck, head or hair. From a styling perspective, head scarves are a close second to infinity.

And the most versatile is Ö

All things considered, neck scarves are the most versatile. This includes the infinity and square styles as well as long winter-loving knits. There are so many fun ways to wear these scarves. Men or women can loop, drape or tie one on in more than a dozen different ways.

Jersey is one of the few fabrics that will work in both winter and summer, provided your winters are mild. Whatever fabric you choose, take good care to clean and store them properly and you can wear this accessory for years. As your style changes, the way you wear it can change, too.

If your fingers are itching for a crafty project, this scarf project is easy to make with old sweaters or shirts: Cut the fabric into strips slightly longer than the desired length. Braid the strips tightly together, stitch both ends and fringe loose material at the tips.

Granted, your personal taste has the final word on what is the most versatile scarf to wear. For low maintenance people versatility is all about getting the most wear out of a single garment, which means itís warm, durable and goes with a majority of your clothing. Fashionistas, on the other hand, chose fabrics they can transform from elaborate butterfly wraps, to a masculine tie knot or even a belt.

You really can't go wrong in the accessory department. Your clever, resourceful side will always be able to find ways to make favorite pieces feel new.

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