Wondering where to store jewelry?

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Store your jewelry in a case or display that suits your decor.
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Where to store jewelry has a number of stylish and practical solutions

Symbolic of love and friendship, jewelry is not given or received lightly. So why does it often end up on the top of the vanity, unknowingly brushed out of sight? Storage protects your jewelry and prevents it from getting lost. Whether you prefer a display, box or locked safe, it’s important to give your jewelry a permanent place to live when you’re not wearing it – and your end table doesn’t count when deciding where to store jewelry.

Where should I store my jewelry?

Sometimes, jewelry ends up “stored” in the bathroom by default. You remove your rings before preparing for bed, where they conveniently stay until the following morning. Unfortunately, bathrooms expose jewelry to moisture, which can tarnish, rust and damage a piece. For most people, the bedroom is the best place to keep your jewelry.

You have an array of jewelry storage options to choose from. Decide first if you want your accessories to be out of sight or displayed. Do you want to keep all of your jewelry in one place? -separate the necklaces and bracelets from the rings and earrings? –have the costume pieces on display, but protect antiques and precious pieces from dust?

Choose a storage solution that suits your taste and accommodates all of your needs. Here are a few options:

Jewelry Boxes

You can find jewelry boxes in every style from contemporary, to armoire-style, to whimsical. Some are made to hold rings and earrings in drawers, necklaces and bracelets on hooks and even have a larger drawer for broaches. You can set a jewelry box on top of your dresser as a small piece of furniture or tuck it in a drawer.

Jewelry boxes provide protection from dust, makeup residue and any moisture from spray lotions or perfumes. The disadvantage is that many of your pieces will be out of sight so easier to forget about.

Mounted Wall Cabinets

Cabinets mount on your wall and double as part of your room's decor. Smaller pieces go in drawers while necklaces and bracelets often hang from hooks behind a glass door or a mirror.

Mounted jewelry cabinets make it easy to grab a piece and go, and they don't take up surface area on your dresser. They come painted or stained and polished in about any finish you could want and are designed for easy installation.

Jewelry Displays

Jewelry displays include vintage bust jewelry holders and hand displays for rings and wall hooks. Though ornamental displays may not hold all of your jewelry, they’re a stylish option for your favorite pieces. Your beautiful jewelry doubles as art when it is elegantly displayed.

Store Boxes

From Tiffany’s iconic blue boxes to an indie boutique’s custom packing, some pieces seem like they belong in the box they came in. Make room in a small drawer and try to limit the number of boxes you keep. Heirloom jewelry is also a good candidate for its own special case. If you don’t have spare boxes, wrap the pieces in cloth and consider keeping them in a handmade pouch.

Unique Jewelry Storage

Looking for a unique way to keep your jewelry? Ceramic egg crates, sold as an eco-friendly egg holder, are a fun way to store a dozen of your favorite pieces. Jewelry hangers hold about twenty pieces and look elegant on a simple wall hook.

Choose the storage solution you're most likely to use to keep your treasures organized and top of mind.

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