Green transportation takes many forms

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Environmentally friendly doesn't always have to mean public transportation
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Green transportation offers many more options than ever before

The world is becoming more and more conscious of its responsibilities to take care of the environment.  Why not join in and help reduce the amounts of gases being emitted into the atmosphere?  Green transportation is becoming increasingly popular with many more options available than in the past. 

If you're interested in joining in with the green transportation movement here are some options to get you started.

Street legal electric golf cart:

For short trips, the street legal electric golf cart is a green option. Safe, quick and affordable, golf carts are now used in large suburban communities for quick trips to shuttle kids, pick up the mail or go for a "ride." In many small urban areas, street legal golf carts are used for short work commutes or do to run errands and do grocery shopping. Golf cars are not just for the golf course anymore.


Zipcar is essentially "car sharing."  This is a great system for anyone who lives in an area that is walker friendly.  If you don't need a car every day, sharing a car can be a great alternative.  Using Zipcar is relatively easy.  All you have to do is become a member (it only costs a small, yearly fee), and then you can rent a car for only the amount of time you need it.  It doesn't matter if you want a car for a couple days or only a couple of hours, Zipcar has daily and hourly rates.  Because it's car sharing and not renting, Zipcar is considerably cheaper than renting a car for the day.

The only downside to the Zipcar is that it isn't available everywhere, so make sure you check your area to see where the nearest Zipcar is.  They specifically cater to college campuses, so the nearest one might be by a university.


Most people, however, have to use some sort of transportation daily--especially to go to work.  If you live near any of your coworkers, try arranging a daily carpool.  Arrange a meeting place that's convenient for everyone and travel in one car together.  Switching off who drives will save gas and time; having multiple people in your car will allow you to use the carpool lane... an added bonus.

Having only one driver for many passengers not only saves everyone money on gas, but it also keeps those extra cars off of the road.  Less cars equals less gases going into the atmosphere.

Don't live near any of your coworkers?  You can always use public transportation such as busses or trains.  Working around their schedule might seem strenuous at first, but buying a bus or train pass can save you a lot of money on gas.

Electric bicycle:

It goes without saying that riding your bike is good for the environment.  But pedaling uphill constantly can be tiring.  Luckily there is such a thing as an electric bike.  This looks like a bicycle and can even be pedaled like a normal bicycle.  This bike has an electric motor for added boosts to give you a break on the move.

Fuel efficient cars:

There are many different types of fuel efficient cars.  Hybrids are the most widely distributed and most used fuel efficient cars at the moment.  If you're looking for a fuel efficient car but want something different than a hybrid, there are more options for you.  Although there are some prototypes in the works for fuels such as hydrogen and truly electric cars, a more realistic option would be a biofuel car.

Environmental transportation options
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