How to wax your car

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The polish is on, time to buff
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Knowing how to wax your car keeps it shiny and protected

Some may think that waxing any type of vehicle is unneccessary extra work. Although polishing your vehicle does take a bit of effort, it is definitely worth it. However, you must know how to wax your car the proper way to take advantage of all it offers.

Know Your Wax

Before you go and get your car polish on, it's important to know about all the different shine products to choose from. Some are best for certain finishes, while others should be chosen based on your skill level.

Soft auto waxes are one of the easiest to use. For this reason, they are extremely popular, particularly for those who aren't too keen on putting a whole lot of effort into polishing. Soft products are simply wiped on and allowed to dry, then wiped off again. Sometimes they are mixed with cleaners, but can also be used on their own.

Soft wax are ideal for just about any finish, but contain abrasives, so they shouldn't be used for every wash; just about once a month.

Liquid polish is also very easy to use, but typically don't provide long-lasting results. They are great for use in between applications and are ideal for beginners.

Hard and paste offer serious protection and should be your go-to for semi-annual, heavy-duty shine and protection. A disadvantage to using hard or paste products is that they are often time-consuming to work with. You should only apply these products to a small area at a time and allow it to completely harden and dry. Then you use a lint-free rag to wipe it off.

Polyglycotes are typically only used by professionals. They are said to last two to five years; however, it's not clear if they actually do. They often need to be refreshed, which is just like going through the entire procedure again, so you may not think the extra cost of having a pro apply it is worth it.

Polymer preservatives are also heavy-duty and should last a while. You can often purchase this type of seal from auto-supply stores. Polymer preservatives are advantageous to use, as they bond with the paint surface, which can prevent your paint from fading or becoming dull. Polymer preservatives often last six months to a year.

Wax On, Wax Off

Polish should only be applied to clean, dry vehicles, so make sure you wash your car right before applying any product. Applying polish to a vehicle that has dirt or dust on it can actually scratch up the paint. Use a leather chamois to remove the excess moisture from the vehicle. It should be completely dry before you get your exercise on.

After you choose the product you want to use, it's time to apply it. Start in a small section of your vehicle, to make sure you cover the entire surface. Use a terry-cloth towel to apply a small amount to the car. This type of towel breaks up any haze that is left on. Work it in by moving your pad back and forth or in small circles.

Once the polish is dry, go ahead and wipe it off with a lint-free towel. Use the same motion to wipe it off as you did to put it on. When you are done, start applying the product to another section of your auto. Complete this process until the entire vehicle is done.

Use a toothbrush or other brush to remove the dry and hardened wax from the trim and other hard-to-reach areas of your vehicle.

Knowing how to make your car shine can make its paint last longer and enhance its beauty. The little bit of extra work can save you money down the road and make your ride look its very best.

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