Street legal golf carts are trendy

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Break free from stereotypes, these aren't your typical golf carts
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Street legal golf carts mean zippy transporation isn't just for golfing

Usually when one thinks of a golf cart, a certain image pops into mind.  A slow moving vehicle designed only for the golf course.  It's a pain to get be behind if for some reason it needs to drive on the road to get from the club house to the course.  This may be the traditional view of these vehicles, but street legal golf carts are no longer restricted to the golf course.

Street legal golf carts are much more versatile than their sluggish counterparts.  Want to go for a quick ride around the neighborhood?  Maybe you want to get around a college campus with ease.  These golf carts aren't just restricted to the course.  Just because it's a golf cart doesn't mean it can't be personalized.  There are many different accessories to make your cart your own.

Street legal:

Some of the main differences between a street legal golf cart and non-street legal golf cart is the seating capacity, safety features, and speed.  These golf carts can seat four to six people, so taking friends or family members along with you is no longer an issue.  The safety features are also enhanced; street legal golf carts come with a windshield and seat belts (and more safety features depending on your state). 

What really sets street legal golf carts apart, however, is the speed.  These carts can go up to 35 miles per hour, depending on the model.  You'll have no problem cruising from place to place.

Take it anywhere:

Because these vehicles are street legal, it goes without saying that it can be taken more places.  These golf carts can be driven on any street with a posted speed limit of 35 miles per hour or less.  This is perfect if you live in a retirement community, or another large community.  Driving your cart around can be a lot easier than getting in and out of your car.  Because these come with a larger seating capacity, it's perfect for giving your friends and family a ride without taking the car.

Its versatility doesn't end there, however.  Take your golf cart to your favorite camping area, take it for a ride around the lake, or (of course) take it golfing.  There are many other possibilities--and with your street legal golf cart, all you need to do is drive there.

Green vehicle:

The golf cart is great as a recreational vehicle because it uses considerably less gas than your car.  With the world becoming more and more aware of the environment and our part in taking care of it, having an environmentally friendly vehicle is important.  Why drive your car around the corner when you can take your quiet, clean, street legal golf cart instead?

Street legal golf carts aren't just trendy; they're useful and make sense.  They are environmentally friendly and a quick, easy way to get around.  Why load everything up in the car when you can just take your golf cart?  Your street legal golf cart can take you new places--and definitely change the way you look at golf carts forever.

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