Selecting brands of office chairs for your company

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From choosing the right brands of office chairs, desks and other furnishings to creating the right image, setting up your new office is easy if you follow these simple suggestions
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Take your new office space from ideas to reality.

Congratulations, you've finally opened your own business! After so many years in some other company's cubicle, your work space is finally your own.

Now comes the fun part: setting up that new office. That means selecting supplies and furniture that fits your needs. After a quick trip to the printer to pick up those brand new business cards, it's off to the office mega store for everything else. As you walk through the door, you're suddenly aware of all you need, and the hundreds of choices in front of you. So many kinds of desks and computer stations, so many brands of office chairs, so many options!

Before you run back to that corporate office, or decide to make do with second-hand desks and chairs, stop and take a deep breath. This is your company. It's up to you to create the right image from day one. And that begins with your office furniture.

Start with the Vision

When you imagine a successful business in your field, what do you see? Is it a large cherry desk, massive bookcases filled with leather bound tomes, and an elegant brass desk lamp? Or is it sleek and contemporary, with a glass computer desk, rolling work stations and a modern ergonomic chair?

Look through magazines and catalogs to get an idea of what is available. If you see things you like, jot down notes about your favorite brands of office chairs, office computer furniture and other business furnishings. This will help speed up the shopping process later on.

Clarify the Message

Imagine a typical customer entering your business. How will they perceive your company when they look around? Will your choice of furnishings inspire confidence and a sense of security? Or will they overwhelm or overpower your business?

If there are areas in your business that customers will seldom or never see such as your personal office, you can create a mix of styles - an imposing inner sanctum for you, and a more relaxed and welcoming environment for them. Or if a business (such as a law office) needs to inspire trust, perhaps a more formal public area with the casual and relaxed spaces reserved for employees.

Create your Plan

Once you've decided on your style, and message you want to convey, it's time to start planning your office. Be sure you have accurate measurements of all interior spaces, with doors, windows, closets and other potential obstacles clearly marked. Consider things like lighting, outlets and noise. Measure the width of doorways before selecting larger pieces of furniture and that massive desk won't be able to grace your office if it won't fit through the door. Decide which furnishings you need right away, and which can wait until your business is better established.

Time to Shop

Now it's time to find the right furniture and accessories for your new business. While you may be tempted to cut corners and buy the cheapest models, careful shopping can allow you to stay within your budget and still purchase quality furnishings that will last for years to come. Check out your local furniture showrooms and office stores to get an idea of what feels good, then start a search online. Many of the catalog and Web office furniture stores carry the exact same brands of office chairs, desks, bookcases and credenzas as your local stores, but for a lot less.

Set it Up

The big day has finally arrived. Your furniture is being delivered! Make sure you have the space clean and ready for the delivery and set-up. You're not going to want to move that credenza to unroll a carpet or paint a wall, so take care of all those background tasks well before the delivery truck arrives.

When everything is in place, take a few pictures. This is more than just furniture. This is, at long last, your own business!

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