Business greeting card etiquette

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Rolodex of business cards
Impress your customers, and use business greeting card etiquette where appropriate.
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Observe business greeting card etiquette in formal and informal settings

The correct use of business greeting card etiquette can go a long way in impressing your customers and clients. There are certain styles, nuances and even types of cards that fit different instances. 

As you work at establishing a long-lasting business relationship with them, you want to be sure that your greeting cards are appropriate and bring nothing but smiles to their faces! No matter what kind of business, greeting card etiquette applies to all kinds of cards, themes, personalities and situations.

There are many reasons and ways that businesses can find to send various kinds of greeting cards. Whether they're thank you cards, business appreciation cards or holiday cards, they're certain to keep your name in front of the customer and make a lasting impression.

Companies who maximize the use of business greeting cards really do get a double take from their customers. They appear to be more personable and genuinely concerned and in tune with their market. Customers look forward to getting cards from companies, especially when they send holiday cards, remembrance cards or birthday cards to those in their database. Remember that smile mentioned earlier? The right greeting card can bring one every time!

Sending out the most appropriate but fun business greeting card takes some knowledge of the do's and the don'ts in business greeting card etiquette. There are certain times when a happy card will work, just as there are times when a more somber card is more befitting. Listed below are some pointers on business greeting card etiquette that fit the typical and the not-so-typical occasions for their use:

Proper Etiquette

Finding the occasion and timing to send cards is certainly admirable and impressive - - but so are the way(s) and method(s) that you use. 

1. Quality First

Business greeting card etiquette certainly dictates that you buy and send nice, quality cards to your mailing list. No two for a dollar cards here! Show your appreciation more than just actually sending the card, but also by showing that you are investing quality and value in making your connection with them.

2. A Personal Touch

Let your office assistant stamp and mail the cards, but only YOU must sign them! It is in better taste if you (as the owner or a principal officer) personally signs the birthday cards or any business greeting card. Etiquette rules here dictate that the offer is more genuine, personable and thought-engaging than just sending out another piece of (yawn) communication material to your customers.

3. The Little Things

So you've personally signed each card, and they're ready for mailing. Do these next three things and your little touch grows significantly: 

- Handwrite the address. This is very impressionable and stands out in this era of "virtual technology." Hardly anyone writes anything anymore, so you're bound to stand out from the others. It also conveys quality and good taste.

- Mail the card to the recipient's home (if available) and not their place of business. This shows you've done your homework and took the time to learn more about them.

- Use proper titles and name addresses for the customers. Be careful with and verify the Mrs., Miss and Ms. as well as the Mr., Sir and any suffixes.

4. Themes

Observe good business and greeting card etiquette also by making sure that the contact piece is theme-appropriate. Take care to not send the wrong religious themed card (Christianity, Catholicism, Kwanzaa, etc.). You can keep the correct information in your database and sort them accordingly.

5. Is it Appropriate?

If there's one thing that can be a turn-off, it's mixing too many personal things with business. When would that be? Well, that would apply when you send your wedding announcements or school graduation announcements from your business. Imagine your customer getting a card from you that has your return business address, only to find that you're inviting them to junior's Bar-mitzvah! Not so cool, really. If you want to invite them, send them from your home address and erase any traces of your business or company spilling over. And they even know junior?

6. Create Smiles

Hey, get that picture of the CFO with the Dr. Suess hat on!
* * * 
And what about the group shot of the sales department posed in a chorus line?

Nothing brings smiles and chuckles like seeing funny or comical photo cards from your company. Show off the company's "fun" side with something light like special Christmas photo cards or a photo card of all the staff's babies or beloved pets posed. Warm and fuzzy is what your clients will be feeling, I promise.

If used correctly, your business greeting cards can leave that personal touch, yet still allow you to send them out to your mass-distributed list. Take note of subtleties, personable angles and doing something different that stands out from the crowd.

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