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Comfort and smart looks make the polo shirt a versatile favorite.
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Polo shirts have become a standard for today's business attire.

Polo shirts have long become standard wear for business casual attire. With a breathable cotton fabric, classic collar, and two to three button placket, this attire has quickly become a favorite of corporations and small businesses alike. Company polo shirts typically have a logo insignia on them and help unify employees while at work or participating in company functions. Restaurants, hotels and other service industries have made the polo shirt their preferred uniform. The business knows their company is well represented with snappy attire when the employee is in contact with the public. Also a favorite among groundskeepers and maintenance workers because of it's comfort, ruggedness and style.

Tired of the stuffy, white starched shirts that were the norm of the day, Rene Lacoste, a 7-time Grand Slam tennis champion, designed the "tennis" shirt now commonly called the polo shirt. He wore it to the 1926 U.S. Open Championship where this new tennis shirt allowed for more movement and was more comfortable out on the open court. The shirt quickly caught on and became adapted to the sports of golf and polo as well. Today, the polo shirt is known for its versatility and is worn by many workers in the workplace where t-shirts and other casual wear are not acceptable.

Touted for it's versatility, company polo shirts have proven to be the shirt of choice for many functions and events. Casual, yet still slightly dressy, the polo shirt has proven to be effective in standardizing business wear and business appeal. From company picnics to tradeshows, here are suggestions where the polo shirt is natural fit for your business.

Offsite Meetings with Vendors and Clients - Company polo shirts let an employee look sharp and coordinated, without being stuffy and formal in a shirt and tie. Meetings with vendors and clients are more relaxed and informal and promote open communication between both parties. Clients and vendors feel free to open up which can only strengthen the business relationship. 

Company Events and Functions - Team spirit is promoted when employees and management get together in matching polo shirts. The company logo on the shirt reminds everyone they are all valuable members no matter their stature in the company. Nothing like being part of a group! 

Tradeshows - Announce your business identity while working the tradeshow booth or roaming the tradeshow floor in search of new ideas and products. Company polo shirts bring a cohesion to your group and present a visual appeal.  

Customer Appreciation and Giveaways - Show customers and clients your appreciation for their loyalty with company polo shirts. Customers love to get that little bit of extra recognition and it is also great PR for your company.

Polo shirts, once thought to be for the athletic field only, quickly became the casual business attire of choice in the early 1990's. They have standardized business wear to give a comfortable, yet classic look. Prominent in the services market, the polo shirt is now also a standard uniform of most corporations and businesses today. With a logo insignia, polo shirts bring an overall consistent identity and image to your business.

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