Is it time for a direct marketing catalog?

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Is it time to plan your company's first catalog?
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A direct marketing catalog might be the next step for your business

Maybe your business is thriving in its current location, but you know you could do better if you could just reach more customers.  Or maybe your web business is targeting a demographic that just isn't comfortable online.

Whatever the reason, it may be time to consider a print direct marketing catalog or a cutting-edge digital version, like the Dynalog dynamic catalog, as the next step in growing your business. 

Here are six types of businesses that might be just right for adding a direct marketing catalog to their marketing plan.

1) Your products are unique

While the big box stores and discount chains now dot almost every city and town in North America, there are hundreds of specialty products that never appear on their shelves.

If your business serves a niche market, or offers a unique product line, a catalog could help you reach customers far from your brick and mortar location. Check out the competition in your niche, and find out who (if anyone) is offering similar products through mail order.  If the field is open, or if you can offer a special twist, a catalog might grow your business from local to everywhere.

2) You can offer a better deal

Sometimes mail order can provide a better deal, even on widely available products.  This often happens in B2B markets, where local office, building, parts or production locations just can't provide the large quantities or discount pricing a mail order supplier can.

3) You can show your product better in print

Merchandise that shows (and sells) better in environment or collection shots is often a good candidate for direct mail catalogs.  The ability to take items off the shelf and into a context can be key to boosting sales and reaching new customers.

4) Your demographic isn't mobile or doesn't shop online

Certain segments of society haven't adapted to shopping online. Others have health or other issues that make shopping at stores difficult.  Products for the elderly, those with mobility or vision issues, and other related demographics may sell better through direct mail catalogs.

5) Your demographic travels extensively, or is too busy to shop in stores

Nearly the opposite of the previous demographic, companies who sell to those who are always on the go may want to consider issuing catalogs.  Paper or even CD versions of catalogs do well with this sector because catalogs are portable. Users can shop on a flight, while waiting for a child to come out of school, or in a few minutes between meetings.

6) Your business is ready to grow, but brick and mortar doesn't provide a good ROI

Sometimes a business is ready to grow, but the cost of another physical location is just too high. A catalog, whether mail order or online, could allow your business to expand without incurring the expense of a second or third location.

Many reasons, one solution

For so many businesses, a direct mail catalog might be the perfect choice for growth.  For others, it's the right way to remain competitive in a tough market.  The catalog remains a powerful marketing tool and a favorite of consumers in so many sectors.  Is it time for yours?

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