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Legal staff must be savvy, organized and have the proper tools to work with.
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Administrative staff for law firms are the backbone of the company.

Whether you have just put your shingle out to practice law solo or belong to a corporate law firm, one thing will remain the same - your law firm administration staff must be top notch. They must also have up to date legal supplies and accessories to work with. After all, the goal of administration is to make the office run smooth. This means client records, attorney expenses, and day-to-day office management must be organized so that valuable information is right at their fingertips. In a law firm, no matter what size, there is no room for misplaced documents or crucial information recorded on an incorrect form. 

Often times, a client's first impression of an attorney will be made with the initial interaction of the law firm administration. Professionalism, courtesy and appearing knowledgeable are all traits that make or break the bond to be established between a lawyer and a potential client. Providing your staff with up to date legal software and recording confidential client information on accurate legal forms will put the client at ease so they know they are in good hands.  

Here are some products designed for law firm administration staff to keep the office organized and running efficiently.

Legal forms - Depending on the specialty of the law firm, you will want to keep the necessary forms on hand. For example, an attorney that does estate planning might need living will, power of attorney or irrevocable trust forms.

Establish a time billing system - All billable hours must be captured and recorded accurately for proper invoicing. An attorney can spend long hours conducting research. Some attorneys have paralegals as part of the law firm administration. They can perform a lot of the research for the attorney, save the client some money and free up the lawyer's time for court and litigation. 

Storage - There will be files - lots of them. An efficient, easy to access storage system for confidential information or law library is a must have for any law firm. From office desks and decorative wood shelves to metal fireproof filing cabinets, law books and client files must be stored in an organized manner. 

Calendars and personal organizers - Calendars and planners are essential for administration to keep attorneys on task. Important court dates, client interviews, or teleconferences are sometimes planned weeks if not months in advance. Keeping an attorney informed on upcoming events and accurately scheduling activities is an important part of staff duties.  

Often when an attorney is out of the office, it is up to administrative staff to effectively run the office in the attorney's absence. Client questions and concerns must be addressed, contracts must be drafted or deeds filed for a client. Having access to accurate legal documents or researching the answers to client questions is all part of a successful law firm administration staff. So if you are an attorney just starting a law firm or a senior partner, the right administrative staff and tools can make your law firm a success. 

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