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All manner of products are amenable to being used as logo promotional items that heighten name familiarity.
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Effective logo use can boost the impact of promotional items

If contacting your business is easy, they will come—bearing requests for your goods and services. Products abound in today’s fast-paced environment. Gizmos and gadgets in the millions are available to every consumer. Why make it difficult for someone to choose your goodies over those of a competitor?

Why inhibit customers’ efforts to access your business? It’s easy to take steps today to make sure your business is the first they think about—and reach out to—when they are in need of goods or services you offer. It matters not if yours is a retail enterprise, a non-profit foundation or an athletic association. There is a wealth of logo promotional items that put you ahead of the pack that is silent—devoid of distinctive give-away gifts.

Include on the items the crucial info

What info do people need in order to contact you with little delay? Help them forego the hassle of dragging out a heavy telephone directory or booting up a computer to launch a search for your business information. You can guarantee that your information is always at hand with an infusion into the community of handy logo promotional items. The array of items is endless.

A multitude of logo promotional items already are found in every household. The pen set on the desk likely carries the contact information of your accountant or dentist. The floppy rubber grabber that is so handy for opening stubborn jar lids probably is imprinted with the Web site of your insurance company, kitchen wares store—or the local animal rescue society.

Why bother with an added advertising expense?

It’s a dog eat dog world—the world of business—but when your details are kept on hand—in folks’ homes, in their cars or on the backs of their favorite tee shirts—you are one step ahead of the competition. Customers will call you, for they see your name frequently on one or more of the many logo promotional items they have in their homes, their offices, their gym lockers and elsewhere.

Some of the most basic logo promotional items—custom business cards and colorful give-away calendars, for example—are commonplace. But advertising need not be boring. The imaginative use of logo promotional items can keep your name in mind—for very little money. Think of items that have a long lifespan. Consider having imprinted, silk-screened or embroidered items that will be seen, heard, smelled, tasted or handled more than once—preferably many times.

Some long-lasting logo promotional items:

• Mugs, pencils, notepads and pens
• Fabric tote bags and calculators
• Candies, nuts or mints in wrappers
• Hand sanitizers and hand cream dispensers
• Golf balls, sports bottles and pedometers
• Tee shirts, sweat shirts and ball caps
• Gym bags, visors and cell phone cases
• Mouse pads, sticky notes and desk organizers

Think outside the box when selecting items

A myriad of logo promotional items are lavishly constructed of durable, good-looking materials amenable to embossing, embroidering, and imprinting. Paper, plastic, fabric and glass are easy to adorn with a logo, motivational message and other informational details. Wrist watches, radios and beach bags can be emblazoned.

You may stop short of distributing a supply of diamond watches but by all means consider imprinting your message on colorful, flexible silicone bracelets so popular these days. Think about items people wear a lot or use a lot. There is a way to put one’s name and company logo—along with Internet address and the company’s slogan, etc.—on just about anything except air.

Some words of caution about ordering logo promotional items

There are a few ways to stretch your dollars when you have decided upon the logo promotional items that will be purchased. Do not order thousands of items, unless you are sure they will be dispersed. You may move your headquarters. Your phone number may change. Know that nothing stays the same forever.

Don’t go it alone. Share the proofreading of your prototype or text with several trusted associates. If you are given by the manufacturer some samples of the finished product, do not assume your logo promotional items are correctly worded. Is there a typo anywhere? Don’t be too quick to sign an approval form. Haste makes waste. And when 10,000 rubber parrots come your way imprinted with a mistake you’ll have no good reason to squawk.

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