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With a tight schedule and a big project, you need to make sure the work gets done on time by using the proper tools
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Little things can make or break any construction project

The schedule is tight, the project is big…and the crew is about to arrive for day one. So how can you make sure the work gets done on time and according to specs?

Make sure your crew has the right tools for the job

Most construction pros have their own tools, but that doesn't mean the tools are the right ones for your job. Or that they're in good shape. Before the first nail is struck, take a look at the tools.  Are the wood working tools the right ones for this job? Are they in good repair? Do they have professional leather tool belts or tool boxes to keep their tools at hand and easy to find? Tools tossed haphazardly into a bucket or bag mean time wasted trying to find the right one…and that could cost you critical project hours

Keep essential machine tools on site

When hand tools need to be sharpened, ground or otherwise machined, having a set of machine tools on site can save you valuable hours. Some basics to keep at each site include:

  • Drill press
  • Hone
  • Lathe
  • Planer
  • Grinders

Hire the best, fire the rest

This might seem obvious, but far too many big jobs have been delayed or botched when construction managers hired cheaper labor, unproven crews, or someone their brother-in-law recommended. If the job matters, the choice in everyone from framers to finish carpenters matters, too. Check out their work, ask questions, and follow up with daily checks on the job site.  

Keep the property owner in the loop

Yes, it can be a pain to have the owner on the site, especially if they are new to construction. But in the long run it will save you time and effort to have them notice the wrong cabinets or a missing door while the project is in process, instead of after the fact. If they are truly in the way, appease them with some simple tools, a small projects off to the side, and impressive looking professional leather tool belts. They'll feel like a part of the crew, and you'll have them on hand to answer questions that might otherwise delay the project.

When in doubt, ask the architect

Another obvious bit of advice, but one that's too often honored in the omission rather than in the observance. Countless projects have faced costly, reputation damaging delays because a construction manager looked at a plan, saw a mistake, and then built the house that way. After all, that's what it said in the plans.  

If something looks off to you, stop and ask. Yes, there will be times when what looks strange in really on purpose, but more often than not, what looks like a mistake really is. Don't let their mistake become yours. Ask. 

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