How to choose veterinary uniform scrubs

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If you want your veterinary staff to appear professional and provide a sense of unity, consider these tips when picking out scrubs
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Keep your employees comfortable.

There are new puppies and kittens to check, dogs and cats to care for. And in the midst of all this, you want your veterinary office staff to look professional in durable veterinary uniform scrubs. Some offices leave it up to the staff to purchase their own uniforms. But this could give your practice a mismatched look.

A better choice is to provide coordinated medical scrubs for your veterinary staff. This will keep your entire office looking crisp and professional, since extras of all sizes can be kept at the office for quick changes after a messy procedure or muddy paws.

When choosing veterinary uniform scrubs, there are a few things to keep in mind:


Make sure the patterns and brands you choose come a wide variety of sizes so all staff members will be comfortable. Check for big and tall sizes, petites and ideally even maternity sizes.


Veterinary scrubs have to be able to stand up to day after day of soiling, and still come clean. They also have to be strong enough to withstand claws. If possible, order one set and try them out in your practice before you order them for the whole office.


Are the scrubs true to size and well constructed? Are seams sewn straight? Do the waistbands lie flat? Do buttons, snaps or ties work the way they're supposed to? Poorly sized or constructed scrubs will make your staff uncomfortable, and that can interfere with concentration and productivity.


You're looking for an attractive medical uniform for your whole staff. And while you may love the bright orange print scrubs, consider the effect of a room full of people in that pattern. A subtle print or solid jewel tone scrub will look better on more staff members, and will give your office a polished, trust-inspiring look.


Even the most durable scrubs will eventually become stained, torn or worn out. Make sure the cost of replacing damaged scrubs is not so high that crisp new uniforms are a luxury instead of a basic part of your stock.

Attractive, clean and well-fitted medical scrubs are a great choice for your veterinary practice. Take your time and choose the right ones for your staff, your budget and your professional image.

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