What are seasonal employees?

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You can join the circus temporarily!
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Wondering what are seasonal employees, see who works holidays and summers

What are seasonal employees? They are workers who work during a particular season, such as before and during the holidays or in the summer. This type of job is idea for the college student who is home over Christmas break and needs to earn $$ or the stay-at-home mother who wants to pick up some spare change for Christmas shopping.

This type of worker is not permanently on the payroll. Once the holiday or summer is over, they are free to return to their role as mother or college students, but with some extra cash in their pocket.

If a person would liked to be hired on full-time, starting out as a recurring worker is a great way to get your foot in the door. The employer is familiar with you and apparently likes your work well enough to hire you back each summer or holiday. He may be more than happy to hire you on full-time, if that is your wish.

Take your pick

Employers need more employees during peak seasons, such as holidays and certain times of the year when their product is in big demand. If working in this capacity, rather than full time, is your cup of tear, there are numerous seasonal jobs available.

  • There are seasonal tax workers, who work in the months preceding the April 15 tax filing deadline.
  • Orchard owners and farmers often hire seasonal workers when they need extra hands to harvest crops and sell their products. Farmers sell pumpkins and apples during the fall season and need more help.
  • Department stores often hire gift-wrappers when an occasion is approaching, such as Mother's Day. Offering to gift-wrap the customers purchase free of charge is a nice touch. If you like wrapping present and fiddling with ribbons, this may be your calling.
  • Costume stores are extremely busy right before Halloween and the Mardi Gras. Customers float in to buy costumes, masks, wigs, candy, ghoulish decorations, party favors and everything needed for a spooky party and trick or treat or a rousing Mardi Gras celebration.
  • The theft rate is extremely high during the holiday seasons, requiring more security guards at stores and malls. You may qualify for this job. You will have to undergo a security check and basic training as well as be drug free.
  • Do you have a college degree? The weeks before finals in high school and college, students are often burning the midnight oil trying to catch up. Some need help. Sign up to be a tutor at your local high school or community college. Tutors are generally paid between $10 and $24 an hour. Not bad!
  • The state parks need lifeguards during the summer months, concession workers, rangers, ticker booth employees, tour guides, maintenance personnel, garbage workers and field workers to accommodate the influx of tourists during the good weather months.
  • UPS FedEx and Home Delivery hire extra workers during the holiday seasons to help deliver the bundles of packages and mail they are inundated with at this time of year.
  • The carnival or circus is coming to town. Here is another seasonal opportunity you may be interested in. Talk to the person in command. You may be flying high on the trapeze the next time your family sees you. When equipment (rides) has to be set up and taken down quickly but safely there is always a need for another pair of hands.
  • If you live in a tourist area, hotels and motels always need more workers in the housekeeping department and waiters and waitresses during the height of the tourist season. So do the local stores.
  • In the spring, garden centers need assistance dealing with the influx of plants, trees, bushes and flowers that have to be set out, watered and maintained. You will deal with customers as well.
  • A rather exotic seasonal job is with one of the cruise lines that hire more workers during the summer months, over spring break and during the winter holidays. Available jobs include personal-care attendants, engine and deck workers, office workers, hospitality employees and entertainers.
  • Amusement parks, such as King's Island in Ohio, Disneyland and Disney World always need more workers during the summer months.

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