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It is very easy to produce a professional-looking company newsletter, and it will keep your clients up-to-date
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Write a great company newsletter and keep your clients informed.

One of the most efficient ways to stay in touch with your customers, clients, and colleagues is to send out a company newsletter. Writing company newsletters on a regular basis will keep people informed of what’s going on with your company, and let them know what to expect in the future. Newsletters should go out at regular intervals, whether monthly, or quarterly. You may also want to send out a special edition holiday newsletter.

Make it informative

There’s nothing worse than realizing that it’s time to send out your company’s newsletter, and that you’ve been too busy to give it any thought. Keep a computer document or file folder where you can stick ideas and information as they come to you throughout the month. Keep a small digital camera in your desk drawer or bag so that you are always ready to take photos. Documenting even the most routine of days can help build newsletter content.

There are lots of ideas you can use for newsletter content: staffing changes, new products, new directions, and industry-related news. Subscribe to news feed in your company’s business category – this will be a good source of new information.

Don’t clutter it up

There is such a thing as too much information – especially when it comes to writing company newsletters. If you try to include every little bit of news and every announcement that comes across your desk, you will end up with a newsletter that is cluttered and unpleasant to look at. Break up the text into easily digestible bits, and keep the look of the newsletter streamlined and professional.

Use graphics

Using professional-looking graphics will help your newsletter stand out. It used to be good enough to send out a black-and-white newsletter, but in today’s age of easily accessible computer graphics, a boring newsletter will look outdated and unprofessional. Invest in a good camera, and include quality photos where possible...a good image of your product, business location, employees or clients will go a long way towards pulling people into turning that page and reading. 

Invest in a good printing program that allows you to insert graphics; this will set your newsletter apart from the rest of the crowd. Or do the design and layout in office and have it printed in full color offsite. 

Avoid predictability

While there are certain sections of your newsletter that will probably remain the same for each edition, it is also good to switch things up a little bit. If your newsletter goes out every month, add in a feature that runs once a quarter. Ask for guest writers, like industry experts, clients, and colleagues, to contribute articles and features. Your clients and customers will enjoy reading about other people’s experiences with your company.

Celebrate the season

An annual holiday newsletter is a good way to express your appreciation to your clients, as well as to advertise any holiday sales or specials. Using holiday newsletter paper will make your newsletter look more festive, and it will stand out from the rest of the year’s editions.

It is very easy to produce a professional-looking company newsletter, and sending out regular updates to your clients and colleagues will keep everyone up-to-date.

Go digital

With everyone rushed for time, a digital newsletter is often a preferred format. There's no paper to print and mail, and nothing to clutter up desks. Just make sure you have a good way to get each edition to your mailing list. Many e-mail programs block mass mailings, relegating them to the spam box. 

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