Newborn baby gifts

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Some gift ideas for newborn babies

Buying newborn baby gifts can be a very complex experience, especially if you have no idea what you want to buy and donít know the type or style of nursery selected. One way to never make a mistake is to always gift something that will be useful for the baby, no matter what clime, time zone or location the baby and the proud parents happen to reside. While not all babies need all the same things, all babies do need some things, like baby blankets and feeding bottles. If you pick items like gift certificates or cash or a US Savings Bond, you canít go wrong when buying newborn baby gifts.

But cash is easy and impersonal and many people prefer to put some thought and attention into buying newborn baby gifts. These gifts can be personalized, unique or very simple, but should never be purchased on an impulse. You can choose from a wide array of baby gifts online that range from clothing to toys to nursing accessories. Silver spoons, photo frames, baby cups and baby furniture as well can all be purchased online. Read on for some more ideas about newborn baby gifts.

What are some things to consider when selecting newborn baby gifts?

The most important factors in determining the desired type of newborn gift will depend upon the gender of the child, the age and the benefit of purchasing the specific gift item. Here is a short list of some of the more practical and useful newborn baby gifts.

1- Diapers and diaper bags

Diapers are needed in large numbers with a newborn baby. Although definitely on the practical side, this is the kind of newborn gift parents really appreciate. If you are uncertain as to what size is needed, ask the baby store to issue a diaper subscription coupon.

2- Stroller

No list of newborn baby gifts would be complete without the inclusion of a stroller. Fill it with nappies, bibs, pacifiers and other newborn baby gifts. The new parents will be thrilled by your choice.

3- Personalized crib sheets

Many baby stores offer engraving services on baby items and personalized sheets are among the most special of newborn baby gifts. Buy a few and add a personalized fleece blanket or chenille throw to go along with the sheets.

4- Newborn baby gift hamper

You can buy a wicker basket from any department store and personalize it by filling it with items like diaper packets, towels in the shades of pink, yellow or blue, baby feeding bottles and nipples, pacifiers, booties, tinker bells and soft toys. If you are really feeling generous, add some coffee mugs (for the parents) and some sort of gift coupon for the mother.


This is not an obvious choice among newborn baby gifts but it is one that is always appreciated. CDs featuring the sounds of nature, like raindrops, ocean waves and forest rhythms can be a wonderful gift for a baby. Sounds are soothing for both mother and child.

Today, the baby gift industry provides choice from the very affordable baby gift items to high-end luxury gift items. Take your time in selecting newborn baby gifts. In the end, your preparation will pay off both, for the new baby and the new parents.

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