What do you need when you have a baby

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Your baby needs clothes and a few other items
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Wondering what do you need when you have a baby then read on and make a list

With all the infant gear available, knowing what you actually need can be difficult. Stores will tell you that you require every item imaginable, but these things don't come cheap and seeing it all can be overwhelming. If the question "what do you need when you have a baby" is stressing you out, relax, because you really don't need much.

Sleeping Arrangements

A safe place to sleep is a requirement for your newborn. Because sudden infant death syndrome is such a concern for little ones, you'll need to make sure your infant is safe and secure in his sleeping area.

A cradle or bassinet is often a safe choice for sleeping arrangements for newborns. They are small and cozy, and can keep your child contained. Big cribs can be overwhelming, and cause your infant to become scared. However, these smaller beds are just the right size for your infant.

Pillows, comforters and other types of bedding should be kept out of the bed, except for fitted crib sheets. Loose fabric items have the potential for smothering the infant and causing him to suffocate. However, fitted sheets keep him comfortable when in his bed. Dressing him in his pajamas or wrapping him in a swaddle is enough to keep him comfortable and warm while he sleeps.

Some parents choose the option of co-sleeping with their infants. Although this method has a few advantages, some safety concerns are also associated here. Parents have been known to roll over on their children and suffocate them. To prevent this from occurring and still sleep with your child, you can purchase a small bed that fits in yours and holds the baby. This product prevents you from rolling onto the child.


Although your baby was naked when he came into the world, he can't stay that way. He needs to stay protected from the elements and needs the help of blankets and clothing to do so. Additionally, he can't stay warm on his own, so he needs clothing to help him stay comfortable.

Little ones have difficulties regulating their body temperatures. They need the help of these items to keep them warm. They also can't face the elements on their own. Clothing and hats protect him from the sun and other outdoor elements, like wind. Make sure you dress him in these items when taking him into the outdoors.

And, of course, you'll need diapers. You can choose disposable or cloth -- whichever you feel more comfortable using. Disposable are typically easier, however, cloth are often more cost-effective and better for the environment.

Food and Supplies

Obviously, your child needs food in order to survive. The type of food you give her depends on your preferences. If breastfeeding is something you are able to do, it is typically the healthiest. However, you may need some items to assist you with your breastfeeding venture.

Breastfeeding mothers often need breast pumps to help keep up with the demands of feeding their children. Pumping also allows the child to be fed by others besides you, as you are able to transfer the milk into a baby bottle so that your partner or someone else can share the feeding responsibility. The baby bottle you choose should also be based on the child's needs.

If you choose to feed your infant formula, you have a variety from which to choose. Formula comes in many price ranges and is made from different ingredients. Organic formula is available and is often a bit expensive. However, high-quality, conventional formula is also in stores for reasonable prices.

The type of formula you pick will likely depend on your child. Some young intestinal systems can't handle certain ingredients and require other formulations. For example, some children need to drink formula that is made with soy in order to digest the food properly.  

"What do you need when you have baby" is a common question. Once you have the answer, you can go about raising your child in the way you would like, without all that extra stress regarding the necessary items you require.


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