Having a baby? What to take to the hospital

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Felted slippers offer the comforts of home when you're pacing a hospital room
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Essential and comfort items to pack for hospital when having a baby

Deciding what to take to hospital when having a baby is a matter of choosing practical items youíll want while in labor and essential items for after an overnight stay at the hospital Ė for both you and your baby. Packing your hospital bag at the end of your second trimester will give you one less thing to think about as your delivery date approaches, and ensures that youíre as comfortable as possible on the big day.

Once you pack your bag, store it in the back of the car so itís there for you when you need it. Your partner may want to pack a hospital bag for himself as well.

What to take to hospital when having a baby:

For mom, put all of your paperwork in a secure folder, including maternity notes and birth plan, insurance cards and a family contact list, and pack the folder in the side of your baby bag. Recommended items to bring also include a heating pad, nursing bra and inflatable nursing pillow, non slip socks (for warmth and to prevent slipping), and a cell phone and cell phone charger.

While not essential, you may also want to pack a comfortable dressing gown, lip balm, a t-shirt, hair brush and hair tie or barrette (you'll have to wear a stylish hair cap during delivery, but you'll want to brush and pull your hair back after), stop watch, a book or magazine, water bottle, spray bottle (to cool you down), snacks, music with head phones and massage oil.



For your baby, don't forget to pack his or her first outfit. Clothes with feet attached maximize the babyís warmth, but you can also include a pair of baby socks if the outfit doesnít have feet.

For dad: comfortable clothes, a pair of glasses (if necessary), loose change for the parking meter, cell phone and cell phone charger, and a book or magazine for down times.

After Delivery:

Your packing list of what to take to hospital when having a baby should also include items for your overnight stay at the hospital. Pack travel-size toiletries or your favorite soaps and shampoo and a few pairs of underwear. Your tooth brush and tooth paste, deodorant, a head band or hair clips, hand cream, tissues and lavender or tea tree oil may be the first thing you want when you wake up from your nap. Consider bringing comfortable pajamas with an open front if you plan to breast feed. When packing a homecoming outfit, choose your most comfortable pregnancy clothes over jeans and sweaters.
For your baby, pack a home coming outfit, a sun hat or winter blanket (depending on the time of year), socks, scratch mittens and a bottle if necessary. Itís also a good idea to set up the car seat well in advance of your due date as hospitals d not permit you to bring a baby home without a standard car seat.

After delivery, dad will most likely stay at the hospital as well. Additional items he may want to take to hospital include deodorant, toiletries, hair brush and a video camera.

A well-packed hospital bag helps you feel as prepared as possible for the big day. Having a baby is not a comfortable experience, but your favorite robe, magazines or snacks will make your stay more pleasant. In return, youíll enjoy the first few hours with your baby without the discomforts of cold feet or a growling tummy.

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