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A Romantic Guide to the Top 10 Best Places to Kiss in Washington State

Written by: Editorial Staff

August 5, 2010
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When you’re in love, you can’t wait to steal kisses here and there from your sweetie. And the adage is true—you can find romance around every corner. In your hometown, that might be the parking lot of the Gas-N-Go. That’s fine and all, but some corners are nicer than others. Take, for instance, the top left spot on our nation’s map where Washington State quietly offers some of the most romantic, kiss-inducing spots in the country.

Imagine a place where the backdrop to your smooching is a 360-degree view of ice-capped mountain tops, mysterious forests, blooming fields of flowers and awe-inspiring coastlines. Our majestic, northwestern state is that place. We’ll start along Washington’s shores and trek upwards from there to find the best places to kiss in Washington State.

Quaint Kisses

Is there anything sweeter than snuggling with your honey after a home-cooked breakfast while someone else does the dishes? Washington has beautiful inns, rentals and resorts set against stunning scenery that offers the perfect stage for your quaint kisses.

10. Nantucket Manor – Port Ludlow, Olympic Peninsula

Ninety miles northwest of Seattle is Nantucket Manor Inn, a beachside bed and breakfast resort where you can contemplate the splendor of Mt. Rainier and Hood Canal from your room. Gaze off into the distance at the Olympic Mountains from your balcony. Or grab a smooch in front of the fireplace, in the English gardens or by the gazebo.

9. Domaine Madeleine – Port Angeles, Olympic Peninsula

Serene and soothing to the spirit, Domaine Madeleine was voted as the “Best Romantic Bed and Breakfast in the Pacific Northwest” by area residents. With five acres of roses and tulips, a bamboo forest and a replica of Monet’s garden, there are plenty of secret places to get lost in each other’s eyes. That’s if you can tear your gaze away from the whales breaching offshore and the Olympic Mountain range beyond.

8. Orcas Island, Northern Coast

If more than two persons is a crowd, rent a secluded cabin on Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands. Stroll along the water’s edge with your sweetie, explore secluded coves and kiss under the canopy of an old forest. Take a day to kayak in the bay or explore hamlets and villages throughout this romantic, horseshoe-shaped island.

7. La Connor, Western WA

About an hour north of Seattle, there are tulips in every color and antique shops on each corner in La Connor. A historic waterfront village in Skagit Valley, this charming town is warm and welcoming and holds the annual Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in April. If antiquing is your thing, you will be amazed at the vast array of unique stores.

6. Leavenworth, Central WA

Set against the backdrop of the Cascade Mountains, the town of Leavenworth offers four seasons full of recreation, activities and festivals. It not only has something to interest any traveler when not lip-locked, Leavenworth has a quaint Bavarian theme giving it a charm you won’t find in other places. And although the town is not historically Germanic, it puts on such a good show you won’t even feel like you’re still in the U.S.

5. Remlinger Farms, Carnation, WA

You take a beautifully scenic drive to get to this 200-acre farm with its own restaurant, store and rows upon rows of fresh strawberries, raspberries and vegetables. Pick a berry and plant a kiss on your sweetie at this relaxing local favorite area host to a pumpkin festival, educational tours and fun park.

Breathless Kisses

If you’re a couple on the go, trekking upwards to reach some of Washington’s majestic vistas is a must. With mountain elevations over 14,000 feet and the tall skyline of Seattle, Washington offers many places to kiss with your head in the clouds.

4. Paradise, Southeast WA

Aptly named, Paradise is on the south slope of Mt. Rainier at about 5,400 feet. Hike through alpine and sub-alpine meadows of wildflowers as far as the eye can see. The astonishing views from Paradise will inspire even the most anti-romantic to pucker up for a good one.

3. Mount Rainier, Southeast WA

A dormant volcano with glacier-caves, Mount Rainier at 14,410 feet is one of the Washington’s most romantic and majestic areas. Although most mortals don’t make it all to way up to the summit, congratulate yourselves with a big smooch if you do. Actually, congratulate yourselves with a kiss no matter where you land on the mountain.

2. The Space Needle, Seattle

If hanging from a rock isn’t your thing and you’d rather reach thinner air via elevator, the Space Needle in Seattle is an impressive 605 feet. It may not be the Eiffel Tower but it has a panoramic view that can’t be beat. Steal a kiss with the downtown Seattle skyline twinkling like stars in the night sky around you. During the day, get caught up by the views of the Cascade and Olympic Mountains, Mount Rainier, Mount Baker, Elliot Bay and the surrounding islands.

1. Mount St. Helens, Skamania County

For those who like to kiss on the edge with the possibility of danger always simmering in the background, Mount St. Helens is your best bet. Washington’s still steaming volcano last erupted in 1980 and may give a repeat performance, albeit not for thousands of years. Give your sweetie a kiss that rivals the steaminess of the mountain; if not, just kiss for the fact the surrounding forest is rejuvenating itself.

With 360 degrees of sheer beauty for a backdrop from wherever you are, there are very few areas that aren’t naturally inspiring. These are just a few of the smooch-worthy best places to kiss in Washington State. Even the least romantic will be moved to plant a kiss on the honey in this sampling of postcard-perfect spots.


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