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Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Written by: Lindsay Shugerman

January 26, 2015
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feel like homeContributed by Info Guru Lindsay Shugerman

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. Your escape from the world. The place where you begin and end each day. So of course you want it to be functional and comfortable. The lighting is an important part of both.

A bedroom that’s underlit can feel gloomy and uninviting. If it’s too bright, it can be anything but restful. That’s why coming up with the right bedroom lighting ideas should be a part of your design and decorating plan. If you’re redecorating your bedroom, here are ten illuminating ideas for your bedroom.

10. Chandeliers


Awww, come on. You know you want the feeling of luxury and indulgence only a chandelier can offer. So go for it! Whether you select something simple and understated or dripping with sparkling crystals there’s sure to be a chandelier just perfect for your bedroom.

9. Wall sconces

Wall sconces

The sophisticated illumination of wall sconces are a natural for a bedroom. Frame your bed, accent an architectural feature or bracket the doorway. Sconces are available in styles from colonial to modern chic, and can easily be installed by an electrician in a few hours.

8. Rope lights

rope lights for hidden illumination

Rope lights are a simple way to add light to a coved recessed ceiling, behind headboards, on top of cabinets or along a shelf. Kids love using them in a variety of colors to outline their ceiling, too. The enclosed design means no snagging, and the LED bulbs keep it cool (a major safely plus.)

7. Bedside table lamps

bedroom with bedside lamp

Having a table lamp within reach on your bedside table is classic — and with good reason. It’s perfect for those times when you need a light in the middle of the night (just reach and click…no tripping or stubbing toes trying to get to a wall switch). And they provide just enough light when you’re getting ready for bed, too.

6. Adjustable reading lights

reading lamp

Whether it’s wall mounted or clips onto your headboard, an adjustable reading lamp offers the perfect illumination for reading that new novel, writing a letter or browsing a magazine without the glare of overhead lighting. And the directional adjustment allows you to point it away from your partner for those “I can’t sleep” middle-of-the-night reads.

5. Recessed lighting

Bedroom recessed lighting

Most current bedroom designs and remodels incorporate recessed lighting into the plan. It blends well with more traditional light fixtures to provide full room lighting. Consider creating lighting zones to allow you to turn on certain groups of recessed lights instead of an all-or-nothing layout.

4. Full spectrum light board

full spectrum light box

When winter darkness comes or spring turns rainy and gray, moods can get dreary too. Incorporating a full spectrum light box into your bedroom lighting design can help you start the day in a better frame of mind. Consider placing the light box over a desk or dressing table where you can comfortably sit and get ready for the day while absorbing all that healthy indoor sunshine.

3. Mood lighting

LED candles on headboard

Bedrooms aren’t just for sleeping, so why not include some options for mood lighting when you’re looking for creative bedroom lighting ideas? Dimmable overhead lights are certainly one option, how about installing a safe alternative to burning candles by hard wiring LED simulated flickering candles? They look great on shelves, in bookcases or in candleholders over the bed.

2. Fairy lights

bedroom fairy lights

You just can’t beat the magical sparkle of fairy lights in a bedroom. Wrap tiny lights around a wreath on the wall, drape cool LED versions in flowing, gauzy fabric or coil them around a canopy or the bedposts.

1. Track lighting

track lighting

Today’s smaller, less intrusive version of track lighting is perfect for highlighting artwork or focusing light on certain areas of the room. As with recessed lighting, have them wired to allow certain lights to be turned on instead of having a single off-on switch.

The lighting in your bedroom is just as important as the furniture or bedding. Make sure you plan to illuminate your space for function and beauty.


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