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Best of … cat owners catalogs

Written by: Editorial Staff

October 3, 2011
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One of the best of cat owners catalogsContributed by Denise McGill, Top 10 Guru

Cats are mysterious animals.

One minute they are aloof and the next minute they are curled up around your feet. Cat owners not only love their felines for their companionship and independence, but enjoy the extra benefit that comes with having a cat around. Cats have a job to do and are a great deterrent for keeping unwanted rodents out of your home!

These five cat owner catalogs provide the best in care and cat entertainment for your feline friends.

Lambert Vet Supply

Meds … and toys

One of the best of cat owners catalogs

Lambert Vet Supply is about more than hairball remedies and feline dental care. They have everything for the health of your cat including play activity to keep your cat happy and purring. Cat owners can keep their kittens or adult cats occupied for hours with a Kitty Walk set up indoors or outdoors. The kitty walk is set up like a carnival theme with little red flags sitting high on a carousel and ferris wheel. If you are looking for the overall health care of your cat, Lambert Vet Supply has the supplements, medications, grooming supplies and play toys for a healthy kitty.

Pipsqueak Productions

Cat lovers artwork

One of the best of cat owners catalogs

Pipsqueak Productions is every cat owners dream. For just about any breed of cat you may have, Pipsqueak Productions has the artist’s rendition of the animal memorialized on aprons, Christmas cards, light switch covers, and dishtowel sets! Are you always trying to find the perfect gift for the animal lover in your life? Then Pipsqueak Productions has cat themed stationery and “pawtraits” too. From Siamese to Burmese, you can find the feline décor and stationery supplies you need for around the house.

Wholesale Pet Supply catalogs

Litterbox solutions and more

One of the best of cat owners catalogs

Wholesale pet supply catalogs have the cat supplies you need at wholesale prices. From cat beds to litter boxes, cat owners can provide the care and comfort they desire for their beloved pet. Have a cat, but don’t like the smell of the litter box when you walk in the door? This Odor Grabber Litter Box will keep your home smelling fresh. A good catalog also has the equipment and supplies for professional groomers or owners who show their animals. For all your pet treats, food, and cat care, a wholesale catalog will have the item you need at an affordable price.


Unique gifts

One of the best of cat owner catalogs

Cherrybrook is a catalog every cat owner needs to sit down and thumb through for unique gifts, entertaining toys, and cat supply ideas. This “Cat Eye” bed gives your feline privacy, comfort, and entertainment all in one. It includes a scratching surface and cat toy dangling over the opening of the bed to keep kitty off the furniture! With litter boxes, toys, treats, collars, and carrying cages, Cherrybrook has the care of your cat covered.

Catalogs for Cats and Their People


One Response to “Best of … cat owners catalogs”

  1. linda osmulski on October 14th, 2011 10:57 pm

    i’m getting my kitchen cabinets replaced in two weeks. my cat scratched on the old cabinets. what can i do to keep her from ruining my new ones?