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Craft Room Storage and Design Ideas

Written by: Lindsay Shugerman

January 28, 2015
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craft room organizationContributed by Info Guru Lindsay Shugerman

I love my craft room. Well, I love it sometimes. When it’s all clean and organized and I can find all my supplies I love it. When it’s a mess? Not so much.

Thank goodness the “love it” days are now far more common than the “hate it’ ones. And it’s all because I’ve learned how to design and arrange the space to make it work.

If you’re ready to love your creative space, here are ten craft room storage and design ideas that have worked wonders for me.

10. Big work surfaces

work surfaces in craft room

One of the biggest mistakes I see in craft room design is in the work surfaces. After all the cute storage containers are lined up and the computer (or sewing machine or printer) is in place, there’s almost no clear space to work.

When you’re choosing your desk or table, make sure it is big enough to allow you to spread out your fabric or scrapbook supplies or jewelry fittings, with room for any other tools you might need.

9. Break up some of the storage

cubby cabinet

Look for at least one large piece that provides squares or cubbies for storage. Cabinets fitted only with horizontal shelving encouraging stacking…and piles have a habit of falling over when you try to pull out that special paper or certain box you need.

8. File drawers work wonders

filing cabinet

No matter what crafts you do, they probably include instructions, patterns or other papers you’d like to keep for reference. And if you make crafts to sell, there are the receipts and other records you need to keep.

A two drawer file cabinet (or a big file drawer or two in a desk) lets you keep of those records neat and accessible. (Which beats my former method…the big dig while muttering under my breath that I “know that pattern is here somewhere…”)

7. Look for storage that works vertically

tall storage cabinet

It’s easy to fill up a room with cabinets, desks and tables and still not have enough storage for all your craft supplies and works in progress. Avoid using up all the floor space by looking for at least one or two pieces that take organization and storage up to the ceiling.

Stacking bookcases, shelving units that rest on top of desks and dressers or modular cabinets are all good choices for maximizing space.

6. Hang storage baskets or bins on the walls

pegboard craft storage

Even where you don’t have tall furniture, the walls provide a great opportunity for organized, but still in plain sight storage. Hang storage baskets, mount an inexpensive peg board or use hooks to hold bags filled with works-in-progress, large supplies or other hard-to-store items. Look at home office storage for more options you can use in in a craft room.

5. Mix ambient light and task lighting

craft room

There’s nothing worse that trying to find something in a drawer in a dimmly lit room, or trying to do detailed work when you’re casting a shadow over what you need to see. That’s why every craft room design should include both room lighting and task lighting.

4. Sort small items into clear containers

glass jars of craft supplies

Small craft supplies like buttons, keys, glitter, rivets and jewelry fittings can get lost in closets and cabinets. But when they’re sorted into clear jars or boxes, they become colorful works of art just waiting to be used. Even pens, chalk, crayons and markers can live happily in tall glass jars on a shelf.

3. Invest in specialized storage options

scrapbook paper holder

Keep easily damaged craft supplies in top condition by investing in storage options made especially for them, instead of trying to “make do.” Your investment in paper, fabric or other craft supplies is less likely to get damaged, which will save you money in the long run. And it will make finding and putting supplies away easier, too.

2. Separate every day from once-in-awhile

desk top craft supplies

There are craft supplies and tools you will use almost every time you work on a project. And then there are the once in awhile, once or twice a year and maybe someday supplies. If possible, keep your favorite tools within reach on you desktop or in easy-to-reach drawers. It will save you from wasting time gathering supplies, which means more time for creating.

1. Choose surfaces that will last

spilled paint splatters

Think about the kinds of crafts you’ll be doing in your room, then select finishes that can stand up to whatever might spill, splash or drip. Instead of carpet, opt for easy-to-clean tile floors. Top wooden desks and tables with a sheet of plexiglass. And use washable paint on walls. Preparing for the worst will take the stress out of working with messy materials.

If you organize your craft space right from the start, you’ll spend less time rearranging and more time being creative.

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