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Daily Living Aids for Everyone

Written by: Editorial Staff

August 25, 2015
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daily living aidsby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

The will to live independently is strong in each of us.

That’s why the tools that allow you to complete necessary tasks like getting dressed, out of bed and walking around are so important.

These top daily living aids for everyone make everyday life easier, safer and more enjoyable.

10. Arthritis aids

Arthritis aids

Living with arthritis affects daily living in countless ways. Arthritis aids like moistening heated pads and therapeutic gloves relieve joint pain while others make tasks like unlocking a door much easier. This makes it easier for many people to do their jobs and participate in activities they enjoy from gardening and cooking, to playing games with kids or tennis with a friend.

9. Dressing aids

Dressing aids

The ability to dress yourself is something most people don’t appreciate until it’s gone. Dressing aids give you back the freedom to slip on clothes on your own time. There are tools to help you pull zippers up and down and fasten buttons. These daily living aids are easy to use and make a world of difference.

8. Easy to Handle Hairstyling Tools

Aria hair tool sets

Be kind to yourself with lightweight, easy to handle, professional quality hair styling tools. They make curling, blow drying and straightening your hair gentler on your lovely locks, and easier on your arms and shoulders. No more lugging inefficient blow dryer and curling iron on your weekend getaways, either.

7. Ergonomic chair

Ergonomic chair

Designed to support and cushion your back, ergonomic chairs make it possible for people with back and neck pain to continue working at home or in an office. Many people spend a significant portion of the day sitting down working. These chairs are adjustable to meet your needs and help you focus.

6. Shower aids

Shower aids

Chairs and stools for the shower give you and your family peace of mind. Once you’re secure, there’s no worry of slipping or struggling with instability. Enjoy a refreshing shower independently. Plus these tools are manageable to put in place and remove.

5. Reachers


Similar to what people use in stores to reach items on the top shelf, home reachers are daily living aids for everyone that help retrieve items so you don’t have to step on a wobbly stool. If you’re already snug in bed, use it to flip the switch, grab a book or water bottle.

4. Home spa

Home spa

Daily living aids for everyone focus on safety, accomplishing tasks with ease and enjoying a high quality of life. Spa bath and body products have the oh so important pampering department covered. Everyone deserves to look, feel and smell beautiful. Rejuvenate your joints, relieve stress and light up the room with soft, glowing skin.

3. Orthopedics


Finding extra support for the joints helps you stay active, run errands on your own and perform work responsibilities without pain. Orthopedic shoes and quality insoles cushion problem areas and protect feet from future injuries. They come in a variety of styles so you can look as health as you feel.

2. Electronic alerts

Electronic alerts

These devices make independent living safer for you and much less stressful for your extended family – who may otherwise call fifty times a day to check up. The medical alerts tell you when to take medications whether you’re home traveling or out with friends. The emergency alerts will ensure help is contacted if needed.

1. Blood pressure monitors

Blood pressure monitors

Why play the guessing game with something as important as your health? Home blood pressure monitors make it a cinch to check in, eat more foods for low blood pressure and monitor for spikes. Regular use of this device reduces the chance of heart events for you or a loved one.

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