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Best of … green living tips

Written by: Editorial Staff

July 1, 2011
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One of the best of how to live greenContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Most of us sharing this planet would just as soon live green, given the choice.

But it doesn’t come natural (no pun intended) because we’ve grown up driving gas guzzling cars, tossing plastic diapers into the trash and generally making a mess of things. Well not us of course, but you know, those other guys.

For those with the right intentions but without the know-how, here are the Best of How to Live Green sites and ideas.

Green bath and body

Cruelty free

One of the best of how to live green

What’s so green about body lotion? Glad you asked. Everything that an eco-conscious store offers, and that covers a lot, is all botanical based and is made in cruelty free environments. The fewer the chemicals, regardless of the product, the greener the result. Skipping the use of perfumes, make up and lotions that use animal testing as the basis for their development may or may not be a lesson on how to live green, it just kind of feels right.

Pedal power

Bikes and cycle accessories

One of the best of ways to live green

No surprise the leading cause of smog, environmental decay and an overall feeling you’re living in a coal mine on a hot summer day is our beloved automobiles. Yes, this even applies to the Pius, I mean Prius drivers among us. Best way to avoid spewing toxins into the environment, and the #1 lesson on how to live green is jumping on a bike. If you’re in need of a bike, get yourself hooked up. If it’s an accessory or bike parts you’re in search of, a bike store will have that too.

Hit the road

Foot power

One of the best of ways to live green

Okay, I may have got just a little ahead of myself. It’s likely the true #1 lesson on how to live green is this: walk, jog or run to your destination. Actually, it may be a tie with riding a bike, but we’ll save that argument for another time. Shiekh Shoes has a ton of styles and manufacturers, like these sweet little numbers from New Balance. Going green and getting healthy is a combination we can all live with.

Solar fans

Sun powered circulation

One of the best of ways to live green

In keeping with the solar inspired theme, check out this little beauty. These solar powered circulation fans are attached to your home’s existing vents and remove the heat and pollutants that congregate in the rarely visited attic. In the summer, a boiling attic will increase the temperature of your home and decrease the quality of the air you’re breathing. With the Solar Attic Roof Fan you’ll use your A/C less (saving money; yes!) and improve your home’s air quality. Now you’re livin’ green!

Organic bedroom

Sustainable homegoods

One of the best of ways to live green

Learning how to live green, in all aspects of our sometimes (okay, often) busy lives means using and living with all-natural, organic products whenever and wherever possible. Earthsake is very much aware of the importance of natural materials, and are here to help those of us in need of a green helping hand. Take this Organic Cotton Pillow for instance; made in the U.S. with all natural cotton and no chemicals or synthetics. You’ll sleep like a baby; and your baby will thank you because she’ll still have a habitable planet when she grows up.

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