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Best of … Halloween-themed food

Written by: Editorial Staff

October 10, 2011
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One of the best of halloween-themed foodContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

As fun as Halloween is; mugging small children for their candy, scaring the living daylights out of anyone and everyone and decorating the house with all things black and orange, it’s the food that puts it near the top of the Holiday list.

And not just the food taken from the aforementioned small children, though that tastes especially sweet.

When the adults jump on the bandwagon and stir up a spread of delectable Halloween themed food, that’s when you know it’s party time. Not sure how to make the leap from kiddie-style Halloween treats to tasty bites for grownups, too? Here are some of our favorite seasonal choices!

Spiced Pumpkins

Candy shell, cake and cream cheese filling

One of the best of halloween-themed food

Oh my. A light, tasty shell, moist pumpkin cake with cream cheese and a gooey, cream-filled center; yeah, that’s Halloween themed food right there. These are almost good enough to give the twice-mentioned candy back to the small child. Though, upon reflection, candy can be frozen and eaten for months, whereas these little delectable treats, what’s scary about a princess costume anyway? I say she deserves to have her candy heisted.

Orchard Bloom

Fresh and dried fruit

One of the best of halloween-themed food

While this may seem a bit out of place; it’s actually bordering on healthy which is a stretch for Halloween themed food, it looks just too darn tasty. And always the thrifty person that I am, I can’t help but think it wouldn’t take much to re-use this perfect Fall basket to do some Thanksgiving style decorating too. I’m guessing the folks at The Fruit Company sort of had that in mind.

Apple Cider Vinegar

For the fall pantry

One of the best of Halloween themed foods

While it’s not possible to actually overtake the caramel apple for the top dog of all Halloween themed food, gourmets don’t take much convincing that apple cider vinegar will give it a run for its money. A gourmet food store sells this treat, great for recipes that pair it with everything from desserts to meats.

Pumpkin Fudge

Autumn treat

Fudge is rarely if ever a bad thing, though it doesn’t exactly scream Halloween themed food. Thankfully, this conundrum is no longer, the folks at were kind enough to remedy the situation with the big ‘ol block of Pumpkin Fudge. It’s sort of like pumpkin pie with even more decadence; oh yeah.

Serve up a sweet piece of this Halloween-themed fudge with an ice cold glass of milk. Frighteningly delicious!

Pumpkin cookies

Pumpkin-shaped treats for cookie lovers

You could go to the store, buy lots of ingredients, come home, find a cookie recipe, make a mess of your kitchen and try to bake and frost perfect pumpkin shaped cookies. OR…you could order handmade pumpkin cookies with a delicious buttercream frosting. The choice is yours. But here’s a hint…you kitchen will thank you for ordering your cookies. And you’ll have time to enjoy all the ghosty and ghouly fun of Halloween.

Caramel Apples

Ghoolishly decadent

One of the best halloween themed foods

Caramel apples. I could go on, but why? When it comes to Halloween period, let alone Halloween themed food, the crown is placed firmly on the head of the caramel apple. I’ve come to appreciate those daring souls who proceed to roll the newly, caramel dipped Granny Smith apple in diced nuts too; nice touch. If you’re the type that likes to leave the heavy lifting to others, Pittman and Davis drops these beauties in their homemade caramel, and then they’re kind enough to deliver them right to the door.

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