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Best of … outdoor dog toys

Written by: Editorial Staff

October 26, 2011
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One of the best of outdoor dog toysContributed by Denise McGill, Top 10 Guru

Besides romping through the fall leaves with their best friends, dogs love the outdoors and the chance to play whenever they can.

Always full of energy and eager to please, it is helpful to provide your dog with outdoor toys. Outdoor dog toys are a great distraction from destructive behavior such as digging up your prize azaleas or shredding the screen door. These five online stores not only have the outdoor toys to keep Fido occupied, but are interactive as well.

So get out there, have some fun with the family dog, and maybe reap the unexpected benefit of keeping fit at the same time!

Pet Stores

Doggie tug

One of the best of outdoor dog toys

For outdoor fun that includes a battle of strength between dog and man, look for a dog toy that is virtually indestructible. This outdoor tug toy was actually field tested by tigers! Luckily, the family dog is much more lovable and will be eager to have a tug-of-war with a willing partner any time of the day. Besides outdoor dog toys, Orvis also has the supplies to keep your dog healthy and happy.

Pet Supplies Delivered

Kong: the classic

One of the best of outdoor dog toys

If you are into water sports with your canine companion, then this is the outdoor dog toy you will want to toss around. This dog toy has a rope attached so your pet can retrieve and pull the float toy to shore for another go round. This toy promises hours of fun and provides swimming exercise for your dog when you are picnicking along the lake or hanging out around the pool. Besides fun toys for your dog, a pet toy delivery service also furnishes all your pet vaccines and medications straight to your front door.

Physical Ed and Team Sports

Buckets of balls

One of the best of outdoor dog toys

Who’s up for a game of fetch that includes an old-fashioned bucket of tennis balls? Dogs love tennis balls and will play ball with their owners, or any unsuspecting passerby, all day long. Perfect for the park or just tossing around the backyard, a tennis ball is a favorite as an outdoor dog toy. Don’t bother buying just three or four balls at a time, that’s only one outing worth. And these tennis balls are a bit spiffier than the usual color, so you are assured of going home with the ball you brought to the dog park! There are other outdoor toys such as soccer balls, footballs, and volleyballs. I’m sure Fido would love to join in with the games.

Gift Stores

Fun with a sense of humour

One of the best of outdoor dog toys

Taylor Gifts isn’t just about gifts for family and friends, but has the dog covered too in the outdoor toy department. Take for instance a “flying” duck toy that acts as a slingshot and soars up to an impressive 100 feet. Your pet can’t resist fetching and retrieving this flying object especially when it quacks upon retrieval. With a general gift store, you can find a wide range of toys and supplies for the whole family… even the furry ones.

Suggested Dog Toy Catalogs


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