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Show Room Display Tips

Written by: Editorial Staff

March 28, 2014
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showroom displayby Info Guru Oliver Vandervoort

When you are trying to get your retail business to stand out among other businesses of the same sort, there are a couple of different tactics you can try.

Underselling your competition is always one option. You can also dress someone up in a gorilla suit and have him or her wander back and forth in front of your business, but that might not draw in the kind of clientele you actually want. You can also come up with a display of your goods that will actually draw the eye and generate sales. Because we think this is the best of all the choices we’ve brought you the top ten show room display tips.

10. Good Lighting

Good Lighting

This might seem like a no-brainer but we’ve seen plenty of display rooms that dim the lights just a little too much and you end up wondering what they are hiding. Make sure the display lighting is good enough that customers can clearly see what it is you are trying to sell.

9. Use a Real World Display

 Use a Real World Display

This is basically a situation where you have mannequins (or robots if you want to go really crazy) positioned in such a way that they are displaying your product while looking like they are using your product. Clothing stores are famous for this, but you can really have them doing anything. If you have a furniture store, you can have them sitting on your couches or laying in your beds.

8. Use Interactive Displays

 Use Interactive Displays

These kinds of displays are ones where the customers can actually use the product you are trying to sell. This particular approach works best at places like Best Buy where customers can play video games or watch TVs — but you can really do this in a lot of different stores.

7. Display Sale Items Prominently

 Display Sale Items Prominently

Obviously, under pricing your competition is a good strategy to employ, especially once you have gotten people in the door. When displaying your sales items, it should be made clear that they are on sale and that customers are going to be saving a ton of money. Don’t draw a ton of attention to items that are saving your patrons 50 cents. Do draw attention to things they are saving $20 or more on.

6. The Long Walk

The Long Walk

The long walk is a way to display items you want sold the most, a couple of different times while also making people see things they might want along the way. Basically the long walk works by advertising you big items at the front of the store, but display them at the rear of the room or store.

5. Set up Impulse Buys

Set up Impulse Buys

You should have a few things that people won’t absolutely need, but could want and will spend money on throughout your display area. Use display shelving and fixtures to put these items close to where people are generally going to check out. The customer might decide to buy them just as they’re checking out.

4. Unusual Lighting

Unusual Lighting

Yes we earlier said that you should have good lighting so that people can always see what you are selling. You can also go a slightly different way with unusual lights that draw the eye of your customers to an specific item. Using something like LED Strips as opposed to hanging lights can also help your displays stand out.

3. Don’t Pack Things In

Don’t Pack Things In

This might seem like a no brainer, but you don’t want your showcases and display cases in the selling area so packed in that people can’t move around. If customers do encounter a room like that, they aren’t going to come back. Even warehouse stores like Wal-Mart make sure there is enough space to move about.

2. Use Interesting Decorations

Use Interesting Decorations

A display area that actually has an interesting look to it is always going to draw a little more attention. The decorations don’t even have to be what everyone else is doing, just make them something people are going to notice and they’ll do more shopping in your store. Try vintage signage, green plants, flowers, fresh fruit and other props.

1. Don’t Get too Big an Area

Don’t Get too Big an Area

Warehouse stores have become all the rage, but you don’t want a space that big if your merchandise won’t fill it. Have too much empty space and your displays will just look sad and lonely.

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