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Street Legal Golf Cart Accessories

Written by: Editorial Staff

November 4, 2014
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street legal golf cartby Info Guru Oliver Vandervoort

Golfing is one of those sports that is incredibly popular around the world because it is actually a fairly simple game.

You hit the ball, you follow the ball and you hit the ball again. One of the things that makes the sport that much more fun is if you can follow the ball in a top of the line golf cart. And, a golf cart is that much better if you can actually drive the vehicle even when you are not on the course. There are specific places where a golf cart is “street legal.” For these places – gated communities, vacation towns, car-free islands – you will want to have some cool accessories to put on that cart.

In order to help you in your search for those accessories, we’ve brought you the top 10 street legal golf cart accessories to peruse.

10. Luxury Seats

Luxury Seats

One of the best accessories, when it comes to comfort in riding around on a golf cart, are after market luxury seats. These seats can be well padded and include cup holders for all kinds of different mugs and tumblers. There are a number of different styles of seats so that you can choose those that are most comfortable for you.

9. Grab Handles

Grab Handles

A grab handle might not sound like all that great an accessory, but it can certainly help getting into and out of the cart.

8. Covers and Enclosures

Covers and Enclosures

Putting a cover or enclosure on your golf cart will allow you to be out in the elements a little bit more without getting soaked or too cold. There are a number of different styles all geared to functionality while making the cart look good.

7. Cargo Bins

Cargo Bins

While some golf carts are only going to be on the course, if you are driving off the course, say in a gate community, you will want something like a cargo bin to carry you belongings to and fro.

6. Cooler


There might be nothing that comes in handy more on a hot day than a cooler that will actually fit in the golf cart with you.

5. Rear View Mirror

Rear View Mirror

It seems like a no-brainer but golf carts don’t actually come with a rear view mirror all the time. Certainly if you are going to be taking the cart off the course, you are going to want to have a rear view mirror installed.

4. Dashboard Cup Holders

Dashboard Cup Holders

If you don’t end up getting one of the sets of luxury seats that have cup holders, you are going to want to get dashboard cup holders. This is basically something that can be installed later on and will come in handy, especially if you are taking the cart through 18 holes or on a long trek on the streets.

3. Golf Cart Seat Blanket

Golf Cart Seat Blanket

Luxury seats are certainly a nice add on to a cart, but if you are a dedicated golfer, or you are using the cart for things other than golf, you are going to want to keep warm in the colder months. The easy fix is simply to add seat blankets to the mix of accessories. These can keep you warm and can be easy packed away and kept in your cargo bin when you don’t need them.

2. Windshield


Much like the enclosures you can buy, people forget that a golf cart doesn’t usually have a windshield. If you have any plans to drive the cart off the course, you are doing to want to have one of these accessories installed.

1. Golf Cart Graphics

Golf Cart Graphics

Just because you are driving a golf cart doesn’t mean you can add some flair onto what you are driving. A set of cool graphics that can be put on the cart will allow you to make it your very own.


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