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Tips for Traveling With Pets

Written by: Editorial Staff

April 22, 2014
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traveling with petsby Info Guru Lisa Pratto

Traveling with pets doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

They can come on the family vacation without too much advance preparation. In fact, they prefer to be with you instead of back home, in a kennel. If you have the opportunity to take Fido, here are a few suggestions.

10. Potty Breaks

Potty Breaks

Even though adults can seemingly hold it forever in order to make good time, pets cannot. Be considerate and stop often.

9. Water


Traveling in a car makes everyone thirsty, including pets. Don’t forget to offer them water frequently. Cats and dogs get thirsty and a non-spill water bowl is great for car trips.

8. Food


Now is not the time to run into a gas station and grab whatever is available. Plan ahead and pack your pet’s usually cat or dog food. Most likely, their stomachs will be in knots from the stress of traveling and they do not need to ingest a strange food. It could spell disaster.

7. Safety First

Safety First

We’ve all seen the Great Dane crammed into a VW bug before, but for traveling with pets, it is best to play it safe. Use a comfortably sized crate or a harness that can connect to the seatbelt.

6. Bedding


If your travel includes an overnight in a hotel, try to pack their normal bedding. Everyone can relax a little when their dog bed feels like home.

5. Favorite Toy

Favorite Toy

Allowing you pet to bring their favorite toy on the trip can also comfort them a little. No throwing Frisbees in the car, though.

4. Extra Leash/Collar

Extra Leash/Collar

Imagine pulling in to a gas station and realizing that your pet’s leash fell out of the car at some point during the last potty break. Packing extras is always a wise decision when traveling with pets.

3. Shot Records

Shot Records

Grab the most recent copy of their medical records and proof of rabies vaccine. You may need to show proof to the airline, the hotel clerk or even a border patrol officer. Be prepared.

2. Anxiety Medication

Anxiety Medication

For air travel to your new location or for anxious pets, talk to your veterinarian about anxiety medications. In fact, some children’s over-the-counter medications can be used to calm pets as well.

1. Microchipped


The single most important thing to remember when traveling with pets is to have your pet microchipped at the vet and to be sure that you the microchip company has your most up-to-date information. If you have never heard of it, the microchip is the size of a grain of rice and is inserted under the skin. A lost pet can be scanned by any vet as well as most animal control officers. Your phone number pops up and you can be quickly reunited with your lost pet. Genius.

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