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Top 10 Baker’s Kitchen Basics

Written by: Editorial Staff

May 24, 2011
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One of the top ten baker's essential basicsContributed by Marnely Rodriguez, Top 10 Guru

Baking and Pastry Arts is both an art and a science.

A science because it is at times specific and works with chemicals; this is why you need a few essential tools, so the following list will help you become a better, more precise baker.

10. Revolving metal cake stand

One of the top ten baker's kitchen basics

A revolving cake stand will have you decorating cakes like a professional in no time. The ease of having to frost your cake on a turntable makes for constant, flowing movements and allows for smooth surfaces.

9. Cookie cutters

One of the top ten baker's kitchen basics

Having a wide range of cookie cutters, not only allows you to cut cookies but you can also: cut pie tops with designs, cut out fondant pieces to decorate cupcakes, mark circles to cute for mini pies and so much more. Also, cookie making is a great project to do with younger children.

8. Chef knife

One of the top ten baker's kitchen basics

A good 8” check knife will be your ally in the kitchen and will serve you for many years to come. Just remember that a dull knife is a dangerous knife because you will exert more force onto it and hurt yourself. Make sure to purchase a grinding stone and steel to keep your knife sharp.

7. Heat proof spatula

One of the top ten baker's kitchen basics

A baker’s kitchen basic list is never complete with a heat proof spatula. During baking you’ll stir pastry creams and curds over heat and a spatula that you are sure is heat proof will make your life happier and smoother!

6. Whisk

One the top ten baker's kitchen basics

Whisks come in all shapes and sizes and if you are a beginning baker, a ball-whisk is your tool. Large enough to take on large amounts of creams and products but small enough to get into the crevices f your pots and pans. Make sure to always wash in between wires to maintain an item for a long time.

5. Silicone baking mats

One of the top ten bakers kitchen basics

A marvel of the baking world that has revolutionized the way we bake! Silicone mats are even earth friendly because they prevent you from using endless sheets of foil or parchment paper that you will throughout after on use. They are non-stick and bake products evenly.

4. Measuring cups

One of the top ten bakers kitchen basics

Although it’s advised to scale your ingredients, at times recipes will call for volume measurements, meaning by the cup or tablespoons, so make sure you have an accurate set of measuring cups on hand. They are also good for measure fluid ounces.

3. Microplane

One of the top ten bakers kitchen basics

A tool borrowed and invented initially for wood working, this shaver/grater is a baker’s first love! Shave fresh nutmeg on desserts, zest lemon and lime peels for cookies; grate coconut over brownies or even use to grate cheese on your freshly made pastas.

2. Rolling pin

One of the top ten bakers kitchen basics

Rolling pins come in all shapes and sizes: tapered, with handles, rollers, plastic, wood, textured. Depeding on your needs, there is one perfect for you. A basic “roller” pin with handles on the sides is sturdy enough for pie crusts and cookie dough. Test out a few before deciding on which you love!

1. Scale

One of the top ten bakers kitchen basics

If you had to choose ONE item on this list, get the scale. This will assure you of exact measurements and allow you to have great control over your ingredients. Now days, recipes come in metric system, so a scale comes in handy!

All these baking kitchen tools are the basics you need to start making cakes, cookies and breads! Happy Baking!

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