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Top 10 Creative Digital Marketing Tips

Written by: Lindsay Shugerman

October 24, 2012
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digital marketingContributed by Info Guru Lindsay Shugerman

The world of digital marketing can be confusing, especially if you’re just getting started.

I’ve been working in online marketing for over a decade, and still work to make sure I stay up to date on the newest digital opportunities. But with a game plan, some help from the experts and a good grasp of what matters in the digital world, you can make the online world work for your business.

Ready to give it a try? Here’s my top ten list of creative digital marketing tips and pitfalls.

10. Did you mean to write that?

top 10 digital marketing tips write well

It might not seem very creative, but the fact is even the most innovative digital marketing idea will fall flat if your copy is dull, full of spelling errors, or dotted with mistakes in punctuation.

Using a proofreader to double check your work isn’t optional when it comes to launching that new campaign, or adding content to your website, Facebook page or Twitter feed. And while you’re at it, leave the sleep-inducing jargon-filled style behind too. No matter what subject you’re writing about, if you can’t make it readable and interesting, let someone else write it.

9. Give ‘em an app for that

top 10 digital marketing tips apps

One of the best ways to engage digital customers is with an app for their smart phone or tablet. Developing new apps isn’t hard, but if your team isn’t up to it, find someone who is and get your name into the download lists.

Your apps can be useful (like a mortgage calculator for potential home buyers) or just for fun (think animated screens, games, weird fact generators, etc.), but do remember not all apps are created equal. Before you launch, make sure yours is unique, well branded, and above all, works well, and is available on the right platforms. Releasing too soon, even in Beta, can backfire and doom your brand to a stream of low ratings and “thumbs down” from potential customers.

8. A picture’s worth a 1000 words…yada yada yada

top 10 digital marketing tips pictures

Everyone knows this bit of advice, so why am I mentioning it again? Because pictures are still the hottest thing in marketing. From Pinterest to Tumblr, to Tweetpic and Google+, people are uploading, downloading, sharing … and shopping from pictures.

If your brand isn’t coming up in what I call “the look and see” search results, odds are your competitors’ images are. And guess who’s getting the traffic and the sales?

7. Tell ‘em … in your own words

top 10 digital marketing tips podcasting

Have your customers heard the sound of your voice? Unless you have a brick and mortar business, chances are the answer is no. So why aren’t you Podcasting?

When it comes to digital marketing, reading your words is one thing. But hearing it from you directly in a Podcast is a whole different experience.

Just be sure your Podcasts are informative (and ideally entertaining, too.) No one wants to listen to a 10 minute commercial … and no one will bother to download your next Podcast if that’s all they get.

6. You oughta be in (moving) pictures

top 10 digital marketing tips video

Using video as a tool in your digital marketing plan is one of the best ways to let your customers and potential customers see and hear you and your company. You can use video to offer your expertise or show your product in action in a way still shots or copy just can’t.

An outstanding marketing video is not about the budget! As with podcasts, what you do not want is an expensive video that’s basically a long commercial. A video made with a handheld camera that offers solutions to a problem, teaches a technique or lets you embed your brand or product into something fun and sharable is far better than something fancy but boring or useless.

Remember, if it’s not interesting/funny/surprising/useful enough for people to want to post it on their Facebook wall or e-mail it to their friends, it’s probably not going to do a lot for your marketing efforts.

5. Give them something to do

top 10 digital marketing tips interactive

Reading about your brand is good. Listening or watching is better, but if you can get people DOING something, you’ve engaged them on all levels. And that’s where real marketing can begin.

Work with your web developer to design something interactive that will engage the online community while branding your company as the business behind the fun.

4. And the winner is …

happy people in top 10 digital marketing tips contests

The saying goes that “Everyone loves a winner.” But the truth is, everyone loves to BE a winner! Giving customers and prospects a way to enter a contest and potentially win is a winning choice in the digital marketing world.

You can use contests for lead generation, or to encourage people to share your brand, blog posts or social media properties (the more sharing, the more entries, for instance.) Just be sure the contest is real, and the prizes are awarded, or this creative digital marketing tip will turn into a creative disaster for your brand.

3. That’s so 10 minutes ago

bored baby top 10 digital marketing tips keep it new

The online audience craves novelty, so keep your marketing content, website and social media fresh. Post new ideas, share new insights and offer new content to keep people coming back for more.

And as a plus, the fresh content will help your search engine results, too. Google and the other search engines love novelty as much as your customers!

2. Take it to the pros

shaking hands in op 10 creative digital marketing tips hire expert

If you’re really new to the world of online marketing, or are intimidated by digital marketing, considering starting out with the pros. Hiring a specialist in digital marketing services can allow you to launch an online campaign sooner, while avoiding many of the newbie pitfalls.

1. All of the above

Hootsuite dashboard in top 10 digital marketing tips combine many tools

Well, maybe not all, but a good blend of social media and website marketing techniques is critical to your online success. Putting all your eggs in one digital basket means ignoring the current and potential customers who live on other digital platforms.

Using a good dashing-boarding program like Hootsuite makes it possible to manage most of your digital messaging from one screen, and today’s advances in metrics make it possible to track movement on a variety of websites from one screen as well. The excuses are gone. Only the opportunity remains. Ready, set, communicate!

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