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Top 10 Creative Window Treatments

Written by: Editorial Staff

February 10, 2011
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Contributed by Denise McGill, Info Guru

The cathedrals and architecture of centuries ago knew how to do creative window treatments! The intricate detailing and artisanship of stained glass let in prisms of color but afforded privacy as well.

While quite an undertaking to create “paintings of light” that typically told a story, these windows were truly a work of art. However, since most can’t afford such luxuries, this list of top ten creative window treatments offer something for everyone and every budget.

10. Decorative window film

A more affordable option than stained glass is decorative window film. Easy to apply and remove when you decide to do a makeover, window film comes in assorted themes and patterns. You can have a country theme in one room and a southwestern theme in another at a fraction of the cost of stained glass!

9. Window decals

If you don’t want to cover entire windows in film, then the window cling or decal offers creative patterns like fish, flowers or frosted accents. Window decals are great for the bathroom and the kid’s room. Window clings add an artistic touch to front door sidelights and picture windows. They are also a safety feature, especially for sliding glass doors that appear open when squeaky-clean. Window decals can prevent collisions by people and pets, and by flying birds.

8. Shades

Window shades can be used under draperies to keep them from fading or stand-alone as a creative window treatment. Shades come in various styles, from basic to very formal. A roman shade compliments the floor length drapes, but can easily be the focal point of the room. Simply hang the shade from inside the window frame for instant privacy and good looks.

7. Beads

People usually think of beads hanging in a doorway, but for a retro, nostalgic look back at the 60’s and 70’s, try decorative beads in your windows. With today’s vibrant colors and shapes, beads can make a personal, quirky statement in any room.

6. Window valance

If privacy isn’t a big concern, a valance is just the right touch to add across the top of the window to dress it up. However, don’t underestimate this small decorative touch. The valance can be as simple as a country plaid or as elegant as layered ruffles. Try pairing the valance with a half curtain for a café-style look that is cozy. A valance is a creative and budget-conscious option to more expensive full-window draperies.

5. Velvet drapes

If you want to swathe your windows in luxury, then velvet curtains are the way to go. The texture and weight of velvet fabric is a step beyond other drapery fabrics. You’ll want to put these in the master bedroom or sitting room where kids with sticky suckers or dripping ice creams cones aren’t allowed! Go ahead and indulge yourself in the opulence of velvet.

4. Blinds

Crack the blinds all the way open or just a sliver to let in the amount of light you want. As a creative window treatment, blinds are a perfect choice for any room. You can open or close slats and roll the blinds up to the desired height at the same time to make these a versatile option. Blinds can be used solo for a contemporary or rustic looks, or combined with drapes or curtains to add practicality to your window treatments.

3. Sheers

When you think of sheer window coverings, curtains gently blowing in the wind from the window of a seaside resort can come to mind. Cool, lightweight and lets face it … sheers are just plain seductive. These tantalizing window treatments can also embellish ordinary shades and draperies bringing a soft feel to a room. Get creative with fabrics – handmade laces are beautiful – and colors. Sheer is not always white!

2. Shutters

Shutters know how to frame a window! The rich look of wood accenting the windows in a family room or bedroom is hard to top. Use paint to make your shutters compliment or contrast with the room decor. Look for unusual shutter styles and hardware. Second on the list of creative window treatments, wooden shutters can bring a cottage feel to the room.

1. Awnings

For real window creativity, step OUTSIDE your home. The number one choice for creative window treatments comes from classic European styling. Bright colored awnings that shade the outside of the window also add a touch of flair to the home’s exterior. Go ahead and let your personality show with stripes, florals or even a southwestern lizard pattern. Put a flower box beneath the awning and you’ve created a view worth bragging about.


3 Responses to “Top 10 Creative Window Treatments”

  1. Otto Belden on February 21st, 2011 12:04 am

    Thanks – this helped me in thinking about the coverings that I made for my living room windows. I decided on painted wood frames with simple lattice to hold beached muslin.

    These covered up the blinds nicely. The shades and window film mentioned in the text got me thinking.


    - Otto Belden

  2. Silk Curtains on March 16th, 2011 10:23 pm


    The above drapes are so nice and decorative. There are decorative tie backs that are meant to keep the curtains open and there are also metal and wooden holders that are usually mounted on the particular walls so as to brush these window draperies behind and allow it to be opened. Thanks a lot.

  3. Creative Window Coverings on March 20th, 2011 4:39 pm

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