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Top 10 Football Stadiums

Written by: Editorial Staff

April 28, 2011
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One of the top ten football stadiumsContributed by Robert P. Simon, Top 10 Guru

Football stadiums are an architectural specialty, not to mention a fan destination.

The criteria for a great football stadium are design, fan-friendliness and contribution to the game – from the perspective of the host team and the visitors. A tough stadium makes a good home game.

Here are my top ten football stadiums:

10. Memorial Stadium – Clemson University

One of the top ten football stadiums

Popularly known as Death Valley (like LSU’s stadium), the home of the Clemson Tigers is easily the toughest stadium in the ACC. Home to storied traditions like the player’s entrance by running down a neighboring hill, the stadium earned its morbid nickname not only for its location (in a valley and near a cemetery), but also for the difficulty opposing teams have in earning a win.

9. Cowboys Stadium – Dallas Cowboys

One of the top ten football stadiums

A monument to the popularity of the Dallas Cowboys and the power of their owner, Jerry Jones, Cowboys Stadium is the largest and most technologically advanced stadium in the NFL. An 11,520 square foot video screen hovers over the field, displaying the larger than life contestants with even larger lifelike clarity, and the raucous crowd up to 110,000 Cowboys fanatics gives the team a decided home field advantage.

8. Soldier Field – Chicago Bears

One of the top ten football stadiums

Derided for the futuristic update that sits in strange discord with the still-standing Greek columns of original Soldier field, new Soldier Field nevertheless offers excellent views and modern amenities for fans of the Chicago Bears. Loud, windy, and cold, this stadium, modern or not, is as tough for opposing teams as any.

7. Beaver Stadium – Penn State University

One of the top ten football stadiums

Second only to the rival Michigan Wolverines in seating capacity, Beaver Stadium is the second largest stadium in North America. Frequent ‘white outs,’ during which students wear a white shirt to the game, make this home field one of the most visually intimidating for visiting opponents.

6. Neyland Stadium – University of Tennessee

One of the top ten football stadiums

Built in 1921, the home of the Tennessee Volunteers seats over 100,000 spectators and hosts one of the most intense student sections in the nation. With history, size, and an excited fan base, Neyland Stadium is perhaps the most difficult SEC stadium to win in.

5. The Big House – University of Michigan

One of the top ten football stadiums

Now the largest stadium in the nation, The Big House has drawn over 100,000 spectators for every home game for the last 25 years. Housing one of the nation’s proudest programs, the massive stadium boasts not only volume and size, but also tradition.

4. The Horseshoe – Ohio State University

One of the top ten football stadiums

Narrowly edging out The Big House, The Horseshoe earns its spot in this list for its sheer hostility towards opposing teams (and fans). It might not be fair, but this stadium of 100,000+ is easily the nastiest stadium in the Big Ten.

3. Death Valley – LSU

One of the top ten football stadiums

Opened in 1924, the home of the LSU Tigers would rank as the sixth largest city in the state of Louisiana if filled to its capacity of 92,400. One of the loudest and most hostile stadiums in all of college football, Death Valley is easily one of the most difficult stadiums for road teams to win in.

2. Notre Dame Stadium – Notre Dame University

One of the top ten football stadiums

With a clear view of Touchdown Jesus and seating built intentionally close to the field, Notre Dame Stadium offers an experience unlike any other in college football. The sport has a special place in the hearts of Notre Dame students and South Bend residents, creating a unique atmosphere for home games.

1. Lambeau Field – Green Bay Packers

One of the top ten football stadiums

Like Notre Dame Stadium, Lambeau is special not only for its atmosphere but for the special place it holds in the hearts of local fans. Lambeau has hosted more NFL games than any other stadium, and unique traditions like the cheese head hats and more recently, the Lambeau leap, make the home of the Packers unlike any other professional field.


2 Responses to “Top 10 Football Stadiums”

  1. Charles Reader on May 18th, 2011 5:01 pm

    I don’t think that that is Michigan football field.

  2. Staff on May 19th, 2011 11:21 am

    Charles – you are very correct … and we took the liberty of switching out the photo. Our bad.