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Top 10 Girl and Boy Rooms

Written by: Lindsay Shugerman

September 4, 2012
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Top 10 girl and boy roomsContributed by Info Guru Lindsay Shugerman

There are a lot of things girls and boys both love. Sports, learning, art, and music are all popular, regardless of gender. But as much as my egalitarian heart hates to admit it, when it comes to personal space, kids of different genders are different. Very different.

And while not everything is black and white (or pink and blue, in this case!), you’ll probably need to approach decorating girl and boy rooms differently. So beliefs about gender equality and cultural biases aside, here’s my take on the top 10 bedrooms for boys and girls. Oh, and there will be some pink and blue involved!

10. The princess room

Princess bedroom with mural

We might as well get this one out of the way immediately, because as much as we as parents have tried to be gender neutral, the fact is that little girls love princesses and princess decorations. Disney knows it. The people who make bed linens know it. So if your little princess can’t get enough of her favorite Disney princesses and would much rather don a tiara than a baseball cap, go for it.

Layer on the ruffles, paint the walls pink and don’t forget the sparkles. Princesses and princess rooms just wouldn’t be the same without sparkles.

9. Safari

Safari kids bedroom decor

This is a kids’ room decor choice that is usually reserved for boys, but it could really work for girls, too. Create a safari experience by painting a mural on the wall (or just using stick-on wallpaper elements, if you’re artistically challenged!), then adding wild animal pictures, wall hangings and curtains.

Camp chairs, a mock tent and of course lots of African stuffed animals are perfect for creating the out-in-the-wild feel. If your child is old enough (over 6 or so) consider draping the bed in mosquito netting for a final safari bedroom touch.

8. Superhero

Top 10 boy and girl rooms superhero

I brought up the princess theme for a girl’s room, so it’s only fair that I go to the other side of the spectrum, with a classic and still very popular boy’s room theme: the superhero themed bedroom.

Odds are your budding superhero has his personal favorite, so focus on the one or two characters he loves the most. Paint the walls (or at least one focal wall) with his hero’s colors. Add a mural of a skyline or wherever his hero is most often seen, then accessorize with framed comic books, action figures and some tools of the trade.

Finish it off with a bat light for a Batman fan, a spiderweb on the ceiling for a Spiderman follower, or some element of your little guy’s favorite to create a theme bedroom he’ll love.

7. Space

Space themed bedroom

Now we’re back to a theme that is traditionally a top choice for boys, but is growing in popularity for girls, too. From glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling to wall-sized murals of space (easy if you use a ready to hang wall mural!), these boy and girl rooms feature high tech gadgets and deep colors to create a space ship feel.

Use inexpensive space blankets (available at most dollar stores) to bring in the metallic walls of a space ship without adding to your budget.

6. Elves and faeries

Fairy bedroom decor

We’re back in girls’ rooms now, with ever popular elves and faeries (or if you prefer, fairies) theme. If you look at historic photos of some of the Newport R.I. mansions from the early 1900′s, you’ll spot some children’s rooms decorated with faeries. And here we are well into the 2000′s, and it’s still one of the top 10 choices.

A magical theme like this one starts with the wall color. Soft garden greens, pale blues, silvery-grays and delicate purples are all popular. Add flower images on the walls, hang branches from walls and ceilings, and then populate the room with magical beings of all kinds.

5. Science Fiction

Dr who bedroom set

Unlike the Space theme, this decor brings in characters and stories. A child who loves Star Trek might choose a bedroom made to look like the Ten-Forward or bridge, while a Doctor Who fan would love a re-creation of the Tardis, with a sonic screwdriver of course!

Get to know the characters and settings for your child’s favorite sci-fi adventures, then take your cue from the colors, accessories and style of the show, movie or book.

4. Sports

Top 10 boy and girl rooms sports

Sports-themed furniture for bedrooms never goes out of popularity. Primarily a boy’s theme (even among girls who love to play or watch sports) this room design can be as broad as an entire sport or as focused as a single team or even a favorite player.

Wall painted in team collars or like a game field, sports memorabilia on the walls and shelves, and of course sports-themed bedding are must-haves for this room design.

Complete the room with a sports-themed rug for a perfect final touch.

3. Music

Top 10 boy and girl rooms music

The wonderful thing about this theme is that it can grow with your child. Using a music-theme for your child’s bedroom allows you to start with basics like bold colors and musical notes, then change the pictures, bedding and other accessories as your child moves from toddler to school aged and musical tastes evolve.

Hang thrift store or unwanted instruments on the walls as decor — if they’re really beat up, let your kids paint them before hanging for a personal touch. Get wall-hanging racks or instrument stands to keep current instruments off the floor and out of harm’s way, too.

2. Video Games

Top 10 boy and girl rooms video game

Kids love the feeling of being in the middle of their favorite video games. That’s why a video game-themed bedroom remains a top 10 choice. Add an arcade game to the decor and you’ll never get them out of their room.

Match the game’s colors for the walls and bedding, then paint favorite characters round the room. Or go for a full video game experience by recreating a favorite scene on one or all four walls.

1. Skater

Top 10 boy and girl rooms skater

This last one is a newer but very popular theme for girl and boy rooms. A graffiti wall is a great chance for you and your child to work together on their room, although for older kids you might want to just hand them the paint and stand back!

Painted skateboard decks on the walls, and street accessories like trash can end tables and traffic-light style lighting will turn an ordinary bedroom into skater heaven!

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