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Top 10 Gourmet Dog Treats

Written by: Lindsay Shugerman

August 17, 2012
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Contributed by Lindsay Shugerman, Info Guru

Come on. You know it’s true. They’re not just dogs to us. Not just pets. Our dogs are members of the family.

So when it comes time to reward our canine family members, we want to give them the best gourmet dog treats we can find, right?

I understand! That’s why I’ve gathered a list of my 10 favorite healthy, tasty gourmet dog treats, snacks and rewards for you to take home to your four-footed companions.


10. YumZies Natural Peanut Butter Treats

Yumzies grain free peanut butter dog treats

For a delicious, grain-free reward for your pup, YumZies from PetSupplies4Less are a perfect choice! These tasty bites are made in the U.S.A. with chicken and other dog-healthy ingredients without the fillers so many grocery-store brands use. Even picky pups love these!

9. Zukes Lamb Jerky Strips

For dogs with sensitivity to grain and soy products, bison jerky offers a tasty, allergen free alternative. These yummy treats are prepared from real lamb and healthy fruits, without grain, corn or soy. And their easy-to-tear shape makes them perfect for training treats, or for rewards for dogs of all sizes.

8. Wild Alaskan Salmon Treats

Wild Alaskan Salmon Treats

You might be jealous of your dog when they get to taste rich Alaskan Salmon in these incredible snacks.

These naturally smoked tidbits are rich in essential oils, so they’re good for your dog’s coat, too.

7. Rehydrate – Electrolyte for Dogs

rehydrate liquid treats from dogids

You and I can finish up that strenuous hike or killer workout with a sports drink, but what about your dog? That’s where Rehydrate comes in.

This liquid treat provides your pet with the critical electrolytes they need after a workout, keeping them healthy and happy for your next run, agility course or long walk in the woods.

6. CET VeggieDent Chews

CET Veggie Dent Chews

Keep your canine family members happy and their breath fresh with these popular vegetable chews. The easily-digestible mixture of grains, veggies and antibacterials leaves your pet’s teeth clean, and their tummies happy.

5. Greenies Pill Pockets

Greenies Pill Pockets Dog Treats

There are treats for training, and treats for just-because. But there’s only one treat designed to make giving your dog medicine easy and delicious.

Greenies Pill Pockets turn the stress of medicine time into a special event for you and your dog, letting you reward your pup for getting well.

4. Purebites Cheddar Cheese Treat

PureBites Cheddar Cheese Treats

100% real cheddar cheese, freeze dried for easy handling, storage and training rewards. What’s not to love?

These tiny bites from Cherrybrook make training time or walk time into something special for you and your lucky canine companion.

3. Antlerz Dog Treats

anterlez dog treats from the top 10 dog treats

If your dog is a powerful chewer, this is the perfect dog treat! Gathered from actual elk horns naturally shed by the animals each year, Antlerz give your dog the taste and chewing experience they love! And you won’t have to pick up pieces of plastic or stuffing!

2. Creamy Center Dog Treats

Creamy center dog treats from Lambert Vet Supply

Now when you’re settling down for a sweet treat, your pet can safely join in, thanks to healthy, delicious creamy-centered cruncy dog treats from Lambert Vet Supply. Choose from yogurt and vanilla, yogurt and banana or yogurt and mixed berries for a low-cal, tasty snack for puppies and dogs.

1. Dogma (for the Enlightened Pet)

You might not be able to get your dog to sit in the lotus position or say “Ommmmmm” but you can give them a taste of pure canine enlightment with Healthy Dogma treats from In the Company of Dogs.

Choose from free-range chicken, tasty peanut butter, fresh banana, gentle-on-the-tummy lamb and carrot or healthy apple crisps. All flavors are made without corn, wheat or soy for the health of your pet.


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