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Top 10 Past Olympic Host Cities

Written by: Editorial Staff

August 3, 2012
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Olympic host citiesContributed by Info Guru Lisa Pratto

The Olympics, that amazing, awe-inspiring, gee-I-should-get-out-and-exercise-more event that is held every four years has been in some pretty cool places.

In fact, past Olympic host cities span the globe. To be awarded such an honor is a special privilege reserved for very few.

Here is a list of the top ten past Olympic host cities:

10. Rome


Rome was called upon to host the 1908 Summer Olympics but, unfortunately, everything was quickly moved to London after Mount Vesuvius erupted. Yea, a volcano would put a damper on things.

9. Beijing


The 2008 Summer Olympics marked the first time that the games returned to a communist country. Misty May-Treanor and, partner, Kerri Walsh brought home their second set of gold medals for Women’s Beach Volleyball that year.

8. Moscow


The fact that the 1980 Summer Olympics were boycotted due to the Soviet involvement in Afghanistan was a disappointment to many.

7. Innsbrook


This little snow-covered town in Austria has had the pleasure of hosting both the 1964 and 1976 Winter Olympics. Many Americans cheered as Dorothy Hamill took home figure skating gold in 76.

6. St. Moritz

St. Moritz

Switzerland has long dominated the events of the Winter Olympics, from downhill skiing to the biathlon. They also hosted this magnificent event in 1928 and 1948.

5. Los Angeles

Los Angeles

The City of Angels is another one that has double-dipped in the Olympic pool, hosting in 1932 and, again, in 1984, a year in which the communist countries returned the favor and boycotted the U.S. Ironically, no other city bid on the Olympics that year and LA won by default.

4. Lake Placid

Lake Placid

Another city with the two-time honor, Lake Placid hosted the Winter Olympics in 1932 and, again, almost 50 years later in 1980, the year the U.S. hockey team pulled off one of the greatest upsets in the sport and beat the Soviet Union 4 to 3. It’s been dubbed the “Miracle on Ice”.

3. Paris


The City of Lights is one of those impeccable past Olympic host cities. It has such a rich history and inspiring, historical landmarks. Paris hasn’t hosted since 1900 and 1924, however, and the French are overdue for another.

2. London


Amazingly the city of London has hosted the Olympics three times, 1908 (by default – see number 10), 1948 and 2012. Quite an honor, but still not enough to earn the top spot.

1. Athens


Due to the fact that this Greek city was home to the population that practically invented the Olympics, hosted the first Summer Olympics in 1896 (as well as 2004) and has a rich cultural history of art, architecture and sculpture that goes back thousands of years, they receive top billing.

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