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Top 10 Simple Tips for Decorating with Candles

Written by: Editorial Staff

February 28, 2011
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Combine candles with accessories for simple decorating ideasContributed by Rosemary O’Brien, Top 10 Guru

Are you searching for decorating options? There are many companies out there shopping the world for home decor items for you, but that does you no good unless you have ideas to use them.

Candles are a great decorating option. Use candles in different ways to spruce up any project or area of your home. Candles are wonderful for setting the scene for a quiet, relaxing evening at home or a festive evening with a house full of friends. Not too expensive, but extremely effective, try decorating with a variety of candles.

Here are my top ten simple tips for decorating with candles:

10. Multiply with mirrors

Place a candle or a bunch of them in front of a large mirror. The mirror can be perched on a fireplace mantle or a table. You can also use a small mirror as the base. Just make sure your candle is secure on the mirror by using a wick sticker. You can also drip some melted wax where you plan on anchoring your candle, then quickly place the candle on top before the wax cools. It is easy to do come up with eclectic home decor if you think outside the box.

9. Use teacups

Do you have a chipped teacup or a single pattern of a cup and saucer? Put a beautifully scented candle in it! Votives are usually the best choice for teacups and other small vessels, but whatever you can fit into the cup is fair game. You can also press simple clay pots into service as candle holders. Use votives, tapers and even small pillars – whatever fits and looks good to you.

8. Saucers without mates

I mentioned teacups, but a saucer can stand alone as a candle holder, too. Make sure to anchor any candle you put on a saucer. Its flat surface can make it unstable and prone to tipping over. If you have a long, flat dish, or a dish of an unusual shape, try those, too. Anything flat will work — be it a saucer or a dinner plate.

7. Spruce up a pillar candle

There is no rule saying you cannot add to a beautiful candle. Use large leaves and either place the pillar in the center of one large or several smaller leaves. Wick wax can be used to anchor the leaves on the bottom while you fold the leaves up the side of the candle. Anchor the leaves by tying raffia, hemp or even ribbons. Just make sure you stop burning the candle before it gets near the ribbon or other string so as not to start a fire. You can even purchase pre-made wallpaper candles where the bottom or top portion of the candle looks as if it is wrapped in decorative wallpaper.

6. Glass jars

Place candles in glass jars or clear glass vases. Glass canning jars even work well. Glass acts as a multiplier of light. It also refracts light, or splits it up, sending the light that shines through the glass in all directions.

5. Floating candles

Make your jars more interesting by filling them with pebbles, beads or even un-cut fruit, such as grapes. Simply fill the jar a little more than halfway, then top it off with water. Place the lit candle on top of all of that and you have a beautiful centerpiece.

4. Group many candles

Candles look even better in groups and there are many candle decorating ideas that call upon whatever you have around your house. If you are like me, you have several single candles in all shapes and sizes. Gather up your tapered candles of various sizes and colors to make a real impact on your decor. Clump them together with using a collection of candlesticks that are thematically related (all crystal, for example) or scatter them around the room in pair or trios.

3. Skip the logs

If you have a fireplace, you have a prime place to put candles. Use the base of the fire place, a flat fireplace grate or a candelabra to display your candles. Consider elegant carved or customized candles to turn an ordinary display into something special.

2. Cake decorating

Cakes are not just for birthday candles or plastic bride and groom figures anymore. Try decorating your cake with tapered candles clumped together in the center. Use different sizes, then make a circle at the base of the candles using candies, a squeeze of decorator frosting, or even a string of beads would work. Try using a swirl of decorative ribbon. The goal is to disguise the bottom of the candles so your cake will look prettier.

1. Seashells

If you live near a beach, you have access to some of the nicest natural decorations, in my opinion. Use clam shells, conch shells, or any type of shell for the simplest way to decorate with candles. Place small tapers or a pillar candle in the shell making sure it all stands up straight when you let go of it. It is unsafe for the candle to tilt because it can fall over and start a fire.

These are just ten of the infinite candle decorating ideas. Use them to make your home cozier or dress up an event. None of these ideas takes a lot of time or effort. If you have some candles and a match, you are good to go.

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