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Top 10 Tips for Cruising

Written by: Editorial Staff

June 4, 2012
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tips for cruisesContributed by Info Guru Paul Seaburn

Taking a cruise – whether it’s a day trip down a river or a weeks-long voyage across the ocean – is a great vacation and one many people take because it’s easy to plan for.

However, there are still many things to consider both ahead of time and while onboard to make your cruise enjoyable and stress-free. Here are some tips for cruising vacations that will keep you happy, healthy and having a great time.

10. Pack A Space For Your Pal


If you’re traveling with a spouse or friend, take two suitcases and share the spaces when packing for the trip. If one bag gets delayed or lost, you’ll both still have stuff to wear until it’s found or you can find a place to buy what you need.

9. Take The Tour

take the tour

Cruise ships are BIG and it’s easy to get lost, so take advantage of the ship tour if it has one and learn your way around. If there’s no tour, get a deck plan and familiarize yourself with the spas, restaurants, nightclub, exercise areas, pools and anyplace else you plan to visit.

8. Listen To The Announcements


Messages from the bridge are broadcast frequently and are often useful. Weather forecasts – both for your current location and upcoming ports – will help you plan your outfits. Activity schedules can change and you don’t want to be the only one showing up for yoga karaoke.

7. Check The Bulletins And Newspapers Daily

fancy dress at Tianello

Cruise ships publish small newspapers, bulletins and online newsletters to keep passengers informed about meal times, show times, activity schedules, dress codes and other information. This information is often also available on the shipboard TV. (Hint: Do make sure you know about dress codes for the cruise in general before you get on board! You wouldn’t want to miss the Captain’s dinner because you forgot to pack a fancy dress or nice suit.)

6. Buffer The Buffet


The food is great and there’s plenty of it, but eating around the clock will put inches around your waist while making you feel bloated and sluggish – not the feeling you want when there’s so much to do onboard. Eat sensibly and you’ll feel better while fitting into your clothes from start to finish.

5. Meet and Greet

meet and greet

Even if you’re traveling with a spouse or a group, get to know your fellow passengers – even if it’s just to find out where they’re from. You never know who you might meet and it’s a great way to find out about other interesting cruises from experienced travelers.

4. Don’t Fight The Waves


It’s the feeling no one wants to talk about, but when seasickness hits, it’s too late to prepare for it. Bring along an anti-nausea medication – either over-the-counter or doctor-prescribed – and don’t be afraid or embarrassed to use it.

3. Online On-Shore

online onshore

You should use a cruise to get away from work emails, online social networking and surfing, but the Internet is a great way to keep those at home updated and jealous. Internet access on cruises can be expensive, even in the package deals, so plan ahead and find Internet cafes, wifi hotspots or libraries with free Internet in your port cities.

2. It’s Always More Expensive Onboard

expensive onboard

Make this your mantra when packing and you’ll avoid busting your budget on a $10 tube of toothpaste onboard. Bring along travel-sized containers of toiletries in a little tote bag and you can toss them before leaving ship and use the extra space for souvenirs.

1. Plan For Tipping


Unless your cruise has an explicit no-tipping policy (only a few luxury cruises do), plan on tipping cabin stewards, waiters, bartenders, bellmen and other ship personnel. Bring plenty of singles for tipping individuals and budget for adding crew tips to your bill according to your cruise line’s guidelines.


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