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Top 10 Ways to Avoid Airport Security Problems

Written by: Editorial Staff

January 28, 2011
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Contributed by Cindi Pearce, Info Guru

Getting to the airport, through the airport and checked in and onto the plane has never been easy, but it’s even more complicated now with the rigid security restrictions. Throw in a couple of small children and you are probably going to rue the day you were born as well as your decision to fly to your destination.

There are ways to avoid airport security problems, most of which are dependent on you, the traveler, minding the rules and doing as required, even though following all of these rules and regulations might annoy you tremendously. Suck it up and do as is required, and although you might not breeze through the airport it should make your experience a lot more pleasant than it would be otherwise.

Make it as easy on yourself as possible because you don’t want to get delayed because of something you’ve done, which has raised suspicions and will get your side-lined and taken to the interrogation place or wherever it is they take people who are not playing by the rules. Here are the top 10 ways to avoid airport security problems:

10. Privacy

Airport security might not have a sense of humor about this, and it could backfire and make things worse so take this into consideration but you can purchase a pair of privacy underpants that also serves as a radiation shield. The underpants feature a fig leaf over your genitals. When your body is x-rayed security personnel will not be able to see your private parts.

9. Remove all metal

Save yourself some grief and don’t wear metallic accessories because you are going to have to remove them before you go through the metal detector. If you have metallic items in your pockets you must remove them too.

8. Ziplock it

If you are carrying on gels or liquids they must be packed in bottles, which must be put in a clear plastic zip lock bag, so they can be seen by security.

7. Be aware

While you are standing in line, see what problems those passengers ahead of you are encountering so you know what to avoid doing or saying. Buy and use TSA approved cases for your laptop and other items.

6. Documents ready

Have your driver’s license or passport and your boarding pass at the ready. Do not wake until the last minute and then start searching through the bowels of your purse trying to locate them. This irritates everyone and, obviously, holds up the line.

5. Keep it simple

Wear slip on shoes. You can get them on and off easily so they can be removed and put through the x-ray machine. Wearing slip off shoes rather than shoes that have to be laced is going to save you and everyone else a lot of time.

4. Pack neatly

It can save you a huge headache if you pack your items neatly rather than tossing them at random into your suitcase in the event that your luggage is searched. Use airline approved carry on luggage, and double check the dimensions and weight before you leave home.

3. Keep your cool

If you are asked to step to the side for a more thorough search, do not freak out. Don’t get mouthy. Just do it. Be respectful of security personnel and they should treat you the same.

2. Hold your tongue

Do not be a wiseacre. Don’t make jokes about terrorist or bombs. Airport security doesn’t take these kinds of remarks lightly, and although you were only joking you might find yourself in deep doo-doo as a result.

1. Skip it

Stay home or take a train. If you simply cannot abide the prospect of dealing with the airport and all of its rules avoid it entirely.


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