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Top 10 Best Movies On Demand

Written by: Editorial Staff

May 3, 2011
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One of the top ten movies on demandContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Selecting a Top 10 list of movies is always a daunting task.

There are simply so many options and varied tastes, it’s almost certain to fall short in the minds of some.

However, after decades of research, a great deal of trial and error, and the flipping of several coins, we have arrived at the definitive list of the best Movies On Demand.

10. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

One of the top ten movies on demand

Werewolves, vampires, and a dash of Bella combine for a mega-hit movie in the third installment of the Stephenie Meyer Twilight series. Interestingly, there seemed to be a lot more werewolf fans leaving the theatres than vampire fans; odd considering the main characters. Some think it was because of Jacob’s pec shots; in reality it had more to do with him being the only guy that didn’t look like a pasty-white zombie.

9. Stargate

One of the top ten movies on demand

Love the premise, love the movie and love both James Spader and Kurt Russell. This may be the sleeper of the Top 10 list, so check this out if you haven’t seen it; you’ll be glad you did. You’ll especially like this movie if you find otherworldly explanations of the mysterious, quantum leaps in technology early civilizations made fascinating.

8. Big

One of the top ten movies on demand

The too often used premise of switching bodies in films somehow doesn’t negatively impact this classic flick. Maybe it’s Tom Hanks, or maybe it’s the fact that when the movie was first released in 1988 this concept hadn’t quite been beaten to a bloody pulp by Hollywood yet. Whatever the reason, most of us will never view a carnival fortune telling machine the same way again.

7. Wall Street II: Money Never Sleeps

One of the top ten movies on demand

Greed was most certainly good for the long awaited follow up to the original Wall Street classic. In keeping with the theme, Michael Douglas’ ex-wife from 70-odd years ago even sued him to collect a part of his earnings from a movie released in 2010; that’s just precious. You know the publicity machine in Hollywood was salivating at this unprecedented turn of greedy events.

6. The King’s Speech

One of the top ten movies on demand

Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush absolutely slay their respective roles in this Academy Award winner. Rush gets to tear off some of the best one-liners ever in his role as the speech coach helping poor Bertie (George VI) get over his stammer in time for a country-wide radio address.

5. Black Swan

One of the top ten movies on demand

A little freaky, to say the least, but engrossing nonetheless, Black Swan follows the trials and tribulations of an over-the-top ballet dancer in New York. It’s not difficult to understand those who “live for the dance,” but these folks are borderline psychotic when it comes to pursuing their passion for ballet. I mean, can’t we all just get along?

4. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

One of the top ten movies on demand

Fans of the earlier Narnia pics are going to love this one. Special effects and a cool storyline help carry this installment of the great C.S. Lewis novels to new heights. And if that weren’t enough, the return of the talking rodent alone warrants being on our Top 10 Movies On Demand list.

3. The Social Network

One of the top ten movies on demand

The only thing wrong with this well-acted, intriguing movie is watching a 9-year old kid (okay, he’s a bit older than that, but not by much) make more money in a couple of years than the Gross National Product of most countries. Not to mention ruining the productive lives of countless millions who spend their days and nights on Facebook sharing every minutiae of their mundane lives. Oh wait, that’s me…

2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows-Part One

One of the top ten movies on demand

There’s only one reason Deathly Hollows I of the final Harry Potter saga isn’t number one of the Top 10 list of Movies On Demand, and that’s the blatant use of Potter-mania to add one more flick to the series, and the trillion extra dollars it’ll bring. Somehow, they were able to make one movie for each of the 6 prior books, why not the 7th? The answer my friends, is blowing in the money-making wind. And yes, we’ll watch that one too; jerks.

1. Inception

One of the top ten movies on demand

If for no other reason than the coolest storyline out there, Inception makes the top of our list. And the special effects are out of this world too; especially turning highways and buildings on end; whoa. Add to that outstanding performances from the entire cast, particularly Leo, and the winner is (insert drum roll here) Inception.

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