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Toys for Preteen Girls

Written by: Editorial Staff

March 21, 2014
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toys for girlsby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Shopping for preteens often feels like trying to solve an ever-changing riddle.

Is she too old for whimsy? Does she still keep a journal? Even at this strange age between childhood and adulthood, there are plenty of things that’ll make her smile.

These top toys for preteen girls speak to their youthful curiosity without making them feel childish.

10. Dolls


Kids are never too old to play with dolls. It brings out their creative, adventurous side – the games and scenarios they concoct only get more elaborate and often very clever. If she doesn’t already have a special doll to share her thoughts with, you may be surprised at how much she appreciates one.

9. Sporty goods

 Sporty goods

With electronic gadgets and games more popular than ever, sometimes it takes a bit of trickery to get them outdoors. A soccer ball, softball, tennis racket and other sports equipment are the ticket to keeping her healthy and engaged in fun, physical activities.

8. Games


Getting her a challenging board game is an excellent way to trick her into spending more quality time with the family, and they’re a fun activity for sleepovers with friends. From classic games like Jenga and Battleship to pop trivia team games, these gifts provide endless entertainment and stimulation.

7. Sled


When the world outside is softened beneath a blanket of snow, everyone acts like a kid again. What better way to make the most of a snow day than to fly down the hills on a classic sled? Throw in a cup of hot cocoa and she may even let you take it for a spin!

6. Instruments


Give a girl an instrument and making music could very well become a lifelong passion. Choices aren’t limited to pricey pianos and a noisy drum set either. Start small with a thumb piano, harmonica or a simple wooden drum. Find song sheets online or in music stores, and rather than paying for lessons, she can pull up free online tutorials online.

5. Remote controlled

Remote controlled

Sometimes the best toys for preteen girls are those that remind them they still have a foot in childhood. Remote controlled planes, cars and helicopters are fun to play with whether she feels like unwinding for a while or just fooling around for a few minutes between studying. The focus these toys require can help energize the mind and clear it of worries.

4. Puzzles


Solving a puzzle is one of life’s simple pleasures. The marvelous thing about it is puzzle lovers never grow out of it, but they do mature towards greater challenges. If she loves jigsaw puzzles, a double-sided or 3-D one will keep her occupied for a while. If she prefers number or crossword games, there are tons of themed books to choose from.

3. Crafty kits


Girls with an eye for jewelry may enjoy making their own beaded necklaces or friendship bracelets. If she’s into coloring and drawing introduce her to embroidery or sewing with a craft kit for beginners so she can expand her artistic skills. The thrill of making something herself will naturally encourage her to continue developing interests.

2. Lava lamp

Lava lamp

A lava lamp may not sound like much of a toy, but wait until it heats up. Watching glowing mercury continuously morph into different shapes is akin to lying on the ground and watching the clouds. This funny bedroom lamp provides soft lighting and comes in a wild array of colors.

1. Science sets

Science sets

Of all the toys for preteen girls, science kits are the most universal. No matter what her reading or music tastes are, a telescope, microscope or any cool tool that allows her to see the world differently is bound to capture her imagination.

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