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Best of … ways to wear leggings

Written by: Editorial Staff

December 9, 2011
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A list of the best of ways to wear leggingsContributed by Cindi Pearce, Top 10 Guru

Leggings are the ideal exercise wardrobe item.

In fact, the concept of leggings morphed from the tights that dancers wear when practicing and performing. Then they grabbed a place in the everyday wardrobe of almost every woman.

Leggings are comfortable, warm and flattering and come in a wide range of colors, textures and lengths. Leggings aren’t restrictive. They are generally made of cotton, Lycra, or cotton poly, which makes them stretchy and comfortable. You can move and bend when wearing leggings, which is imperative for the woman on the go who is lugging kids or groceries or heavy briefcases.

Here are the best of what to wear with leggings:

As a warming layer

Under outerwear

A list of the best of ways to wear leggings

Many outerwear stores have tights for the woman who is an outdoors person and who needs to keep warm while skiing, sledding and throwing snowballs. These leggings are worn underneath your outerwear. They give you an extra layer of protection from the elements.

As sports gear

Energizing and comfortable

runners black leggings

Women who run in the cold-weather months wear leggings, because they keep them warm and dry and allow them to move freely. Wearing “recovery tights” while exercising allows the blood to flow freely, improves stamina, speed and recovery time, as well as boosts the amount of oxygen that is delivered to the muscles.

Leggings such as these offer therapeutic compression, which supports the body and decreases the chance of joint tenderness and injury as well as lessens the likelihood of the runner suffering joint inflammation and soft-tissue damage. Who said leggings were only good for fashion?

As maternity basics

Integral support

A list of the best of ways to wear leggings

Pregnant women can wear maternity tights or leggings, which stretch as the woman’s belly grows. These tights keep the woman’s legs energized and provide needed support for the burgeoning belly. The belly panel on this maternity tights can be worn over or under the belly, whatever the wearer’s preference.

As a fashion accessory

Leggings for the teen crowd


Leggings make sense for young girls because they keep them warm during the chilly months, but they are also very “in” right now. Go with basic black or shop for leggings in a variety of colors and patterns, then pair them with oversized T-shirts, sweatshirts or sweaters for a look your daughter will love.

As attitude

Style like a dancer

A list of the best of ways to wear leggings

Check out a dancewear catalog for a wide variety of leggings designed to be used by dancers and gymnasts.The wonderful thing is that plain old people with two left feet and no sense of rhythm can also wear them and look amazing!, All you need is a desire to look good, and keep warm. You can go the conservative route and wear black or other neutral-colored leggings, or you can throw convention to the wind and choose colorful, funky and textured leggings to wear under a mini skirt or a long tunic or sweater.

As a wardrobe basic

The base for boho chic

girl with black clothes and leggings

Pair leggings from Neiman Marcus with an off-the-shoulder top and you have a chic, hip look you can build up or down, serious or outrageous. Think of your leggings and a plain top as the black canvas — then add your own touches, from a silky pashmina to a vintage denim jacket. Switch shoes, add jewelry and it’s dressy. Opt for flats and tone down the bling, and you’re minimalist and artsy. So many looks, one basic base. You gotta love that!

As chic look-maker

Pair with sweater and heels

A list of the best of ways to wear leggings

Wear leggings with a long, textured, chic sweater and nothing else. Leggings look great when paired with a long, sweater vest, which you can find at Peruvian Connection. The bulkier the sweater the better it looks when paired with slim leggings. Add super high heels for a really stylish look, or stilettos to take your big sweater and leggings into the club.

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